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Racist, Sexist, Bigoted, Scary Men Oh My.

Some whiny douchebag at BuzzFeed thinks that 1) all movements are defined by their trolls and 2) we’re all hateful. Warning: a few Star Wars spoilers follow as I take apart “In 2015, The Dark Forces Of The Internet Became A Counterculture”:

If you were going to draw up a short list of places on the internet that should be excited about the first good Star Wars movie in more than three decades, you would have to include 4chan and 8chan. The infamous, anonymous image boards are nerd culture sanctum sanctorum, places with dauntingly high cultural literacy in science fiction, fantasy, and Japanese animation. You’d imagine posters there would be beside themselves with joy.

Instead, a lot of them just seem pissed off about John Boyega.

Boyega is a black actor with a lead role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. By all accounts, he turns in a charming and sympathetic performance as Finn, a Stormtrooper with a conscience. But a lot of chan posters don’t seem interested in that. Rather, they’re angry he’s in the movie at all.

Note here his careful separation of a few “chan posters” from the general free speech movement that his piece pretends to be about. This is a typical tactic whereupon he tries guilt by association. First he works on a small group of people and then extrapolates their flaws out to a larger group. Also, to discuss the Star Wars thing: I didn’t like the ham-fisted way they handled the “love story” I am sure they are building toward between Finn and Rey. It was blatant from the get-go and handled in a very childish way. But it is a Disney movie. Still, the complaint that Hollywood has an agenda and will bend the story to make that agenda work is fair here: Abrams is pretty much on the record for pushing interracial relationships. That’s going to get a reaction from the anonymous racists on the Internet.

That’s not anyone else’s fault, though.

Yet if you’re surprised by the reaction to Boyega, you haven’t been paying attention.

If you aren’t aware yet that the internet hates everything then you haven’t been paying attention.

In 2015 it became clear, obvious even, that various reactionary forces have coalesced into a larger, coherent counterculture — let’s call it the Chanterculture — that exists not just in opposition to racial diversity in politics and culture, but in order to advance its own agenda, which across a variety of fronts seeks to preserve and promote the cultural and political preeminence of white guys. This new movement, and it is a movement, combines age-old racist and sexist rhetoric with bleeding-edge meme culture and technology. It unites two equally irrepressible camps behind an ironclad belief in the duty to say hideous things: the threatened white men of the internet and the “I have no soul” lulzsters.

Surprisingly, white guys don’t want to be vilified or taken advantage of.

Perhaps the most obvious example where these things came together was in the rise of #cuckservative — a racist epithet as hashtag, born of online porn, illustrated with memes.

Wrong, and ignorant. The term cuckold predates the internet, and the relationship between men and cuckoldry does as well. Instead, we are tired of people on “our” side fucking us and virtue signaling to the left how much better than us they are — allowing the left to fuck us, too.

He continues to ramble about “chan” posters being trolls. Still not seeing how this is the concern of a wider free speech movement.

A legion of horribles chasing Ellen Pao from Reddit for trying to make it marginally less hateful.

Well I didn’t think he could be more wrong than the cuckservative thing but he did his best and proved me wrong. Pao was used as a shield for the idiots at Reddit in charge to take drastic measures as an attempt to make the site more profitable. She also has a hell of a bad reputation due to her lawsuit against her former employer for an amount equal to what her husband was in trouble legally over. She was an easy target, but she was set up to be the target by the far left assholes at Reddit.

You can see it being built as we speak. Simply navigate to 4chan, or dozens of “politically incorrect” subreddits, and see them reject: Black Lives Matter protests as “#chimpouts,” Jeb Bush for calling immigration “an act of love,” the hated “MSM” for its “social-justice-warrior” reporting on the FDA’s decision to lift the ban on blood donations from gay men, etc., etc., forever. It’s something new every day.

Note the Jeb Bush shout out thrown in the midst there. It is unlike the bookends in the paragraph. Also, BLM was founded on a lie by liars and has become actually dangerous in many cases — as opposed to hurting feelings.

Think for a moment about the demographic Yiannopoulos is appealing to as victims: young English-speaking white men, perhaps the least victimized group of people in the world, to whom popular and consumer culture have long catered and who are now angry because they are not doing so quite so much as they were, gosh, a year ago.

Dismissing the concerns of an entire group because he perceives them as having privilege. That sounds familiar.

Zero effort has been undertaken to this point to understand what these evil, young, white men are upset about. What their concerns might be. You see we must take black people seriously if they make hay about police killing them whilst ignoring the elephant in the room that is young black men killing other young black men, but God forbid a white guy have any concerns. You see, HE isn’t struggling and is getting paid to live the easy life. Therefore nobody with anything in common with him can possibly have any concerns.

Men aren’t struggling with college debt, or a shitty job market. Men haven’t been fed a bill of goods when it comes to relationships and marriage. We don’t get dismissed when airing our concerns with things like “male tears” or “masculinity so fragile.” We aren’t the group most likely to commit suicide, or anything.

It’s near impossible for a man to get his insurance to cover low testosterone, but the tax payers are on the line for hormonal treatment for people that identify as the other gender.

But, y’know, historically, white men thrived in the society they shed blood, sweat, and tears to build, so all of the hurt men feel now is just made up.

The rest of the rambling, stupid post is the same stuff. White men are hateful, etc etc, let me point to anonymous racists on the internet. He never talks about what Gamergate was, or what spawned it. He never addresses or even references any real concerns people might have. He just throws shade, and he does it about as well as a BuzzFeed employee can.