We’re always right.

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This week in “We’re always right”, the push to normalize pedophilia.

All of my adult life I’ve heard people say that once gay rights were normalized, they’d start on other sexual departures from standard heterosexual behavior. Incest, polygamy, and bestiality were often mentioned. But just as often there were cries about pedophilia — and these people were “rightly dismissed” as wrong, crazy, paranoid. There’s no connection to pedophilia, and the bestiality thing is insulting, we were told. I figured they were right about that — the argument centered around consenting adults can’t possibly apply to children who haven’t hit puberty yet.

I figured the polygamy and incest arguments would get made just based on the same principle. Consenting adults, and all. Imagine my surprise to see the near immediate embrace of pedophilia.

It isn’t hard to see why the media is behind this. There have been rumors and leaked truths for years about the tendencies of some higher-ups in Hollywood. Occasionally a B- or C-list star will get busted with child porn, but the big ones never get away. And this is an industry that defends Roman Polanski to this day. For those not in the know: He drugged and sodomized a 13 year old girl, then fled the country. He has never faced justice, and the same sanctimonious Hollywood assholes who talk about how awful the right is, how there’s a war on women, etc, are out there talking about how much of a genius this peckerwood is.

There’s a lot of smoke around Hollywood when it comes to this. A few former child stars have alleged they were sexually abused as children in Hollywood — this is said to be what sent Corey Haim on the self-destructive path that ended his life early. There have been many child stars with similar stories and I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if this was behind most of them.

The right stands accused of waging a war on women, but the media is actively engaged in a war on innocence.

Study after study has shown that those who suffer molestation as children have substance abuse issues and interpersonal issues. We know what this does to children, and we know that some part of their acting out can involve taking sexual advantage of others, including other children. A significant portion of child molesters were themselves molested in some way.

Hell, from the Salon article itself:

So how had this happened? Well, I have a pretty good idea. When I was seven years old, I was fondled in the front yard of my grandparents’ home by a man I barely knew. It was a one-time event in my life and not a particularly traumatic one.

Here we have an admitted pedophile admitting that his molestation played a role in his sexual deviancy.

The thing is, it isn’t normal. It isn’t healthy, it isn’t right, and pedophiles are a danger to children. Child molesters have the highest rates of recidivism. It is, at best, a serious psychological disorder and should be treated as such. Unlike disturbed individuals with guns, these crimes are committed in the dark, in the corner. People don’t see them, and often the victims suffer in silence. They’re often afraid to come forward, they often feel guilt for what was done to them — which absolutely enrages me, personally. The idea of a victim being made to feel guilty is despicable and shouldn’t be tolerated in the West.

Save your sympathy and understanding for the innocent victims, of which Mr. Nickerson is unfortunately one. He should seek out serious help by someone with a good background in treating this, not attention on the internet.