What Hillary Will Do

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We already know that Hillary is the third Obama term. She will continue what he has started. This means, in no specific order:
– Further mid-east adventurism, spilling blood and spending treasure with no clear goals.
– Further degrading our relationship with Russia. Funny how four years ago Russia was no big threat when Romney brought them up, but today are the big bad wolf.
– More of the same for the economy. Minorities and women the hardest hit.
– The race relations in the country may go over the brink and become irreperable.
– Continued social justice whining, blaming, and in general cheapening of actual, legitimate issues based on feelings.

There is that. There is also:
– She’s promised to appoint liberal justices. The liberals like this, but they need to understand something: Republican appointed justices tend to be more liberal than exepcted. Democrat appointed justices also tend to be more liberal than expected. At some point the overton window moves too far left for those on the right, and that should cause worry. People left out in the cold are dangerous.
– The end of the second amendment. This isn’t fear mongering, this comes from her own statements. This, too, would have awful side effects.
– The corruption brought to State and her Foundation will be institutionalized.

These are just a few points. But the big message is: a Hillary America will become a third world nation, with corrupt, irredeemable office-holders. People will continue to lose faith in their government. Foreign nations will continue to lose respect for our government. The relationship between men and women will worsen at a pace as faster or faster than it has over the last eight years. And so on, and so forth.

The Never Trump folks salivate about the idea of this. See, they think they’ll be able to cast out all of us yucky nationalists who want a government for the people. Because expecting our government to serve our needs is just gross. Or something. They think they’ll finally be rid of those of us with the balls to stand up when they go weak kneed on any issues.

Which, may be true.

But they also mostly have their own security or live in gated communities. Talking heads and commentators may not be rich, not even top 10% — but they’re above average in pay, they are easily able to move to send their kids to better school. They congregate together. Thus, the dangers of Clinton never touch them. Do you think Glenn Beck’s kids are going to ever be trapped by a riot stoked by Obama/Clinton policies?

No: So he doesn’t care. None of them do. (Also, with the rumors of how many of them are cucked… possible they don’t care because the kids aren’t their own.)

Either way I’ll get to say “I TOLD YOU SO” to someone — I literally have no egg on my face regardless of who wins. If Hillary wins, it’ll pretty clearly be the fault of the media for going all out for her, and the Never Trump folks, for being their patsies. If Trump wins — well…

Trump isn’t scary, unless you’re a mouth-breathing idiot living on the breathless proclamations of professional victims and journalists.

Don’t think for a second the Never Trump people actually fear his policies, aside from the few making bank abusing the immigration system.

Hillary herself isn’t scary, but the entrenched interests and corruption are — and the potential riots and civil unrest is frightening. If she does for the relationship for men and women what Obama has for whites and blacks… Yikes.