Why do you hate smartphones?

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I am very tired today, and I had one of those days, so this post is just a microcosm of bitching about one particular annoyance.

If I go to your website with my phone, it should not take me to the main page instead of the article I was linked to.

If I go to your website and you have an awful in-page pop up that darkens the screen until I click the X, make sure said X is actually easy to find on my smart phone. Multiple pages do this… not only is the X out of view, but so is the entire ad. I’m not even seeing the thing you’re trying to sell me. This is a stupid plan.

If I click that I don’t want your forum or whatever app, go ahead and remember that. I know you leave eighty dozen cookies anyway.

Also, why would I want an app that is less functional than your crummy mobile site and has issues with zooming and me controlling the display?

Twitter is extremely guilty of the last one — their official app is a dog turd, which is why people use other applications for it. The only reason I went back to the original was because twicca sucks even more and I refuse to ever use hootsuite again. I certainly don’t miss twitter in my hiatus.

Referencing an event you don’t link to anything about is kind of lame. Please stop.

Maybe it’s just me. I have my smart phone to allow me to do what I want to do — text when I want, call when I want, e-mail when I want. Naturally, I also want to be able to surf the web the way I want as well.

Now that I’m avoiding social media and my feed reader, anything I see internet-wise comes through manually going to the website in question (imagine), and so I’m starting to see things that bug me again that feedly cut out, being text only. It’s making me remember why I started to hate the web.

Oh, and if your mobile page is more bandwidth heavy than your desktop page? You will be the first against the wall when the revolution comes.