Why They’re All Wrong on Trump and Duke

Using Their Own Logic

I’ve written many times about how they — the media, the Left, the GOPe — love to use the association fallacy to disqualify. Because that’s the way that many people prefer to win; rather than in the marketplace of ideas the goal is to paint someone with the sins of another, to unperson them, to make them the problem and not their ideas. This comes from a position of weakness — if your idea can win, you don’t have to smear a person with the sins of others. This is extremely prevalent among the people attacking Trump because he didn’t repudiate David Duke enough.

But it’s not Trump’s job. Rubio has went out and tried to attack him on this, railing about racism, railing about how Trump didn’t say no enough and lash himself for the actions of another. That’s ridiculous and Rubio knows it — but because he’s desperate, and somewhat flighty, this is all he has. Any position that differentiates him from Trump is either less popular with voters, or Ted Cruz does it better. Rubio is watered down Ted Cruz — there’s a reason the Establishment Fairy Lindsay Graham hates both Cruz and Trump, but would be all right with Rubio. His flaws aren’t the point of this article, however.

It’s not Trump’s job, and in fact, it’s callous and ridiculous of the media or the social justice side to dismiss the concerns of men like David Duke. That’s right — the Klan guy that ran for President should have his concerns heard, and here’s why:

We’re always told by the Left (media, SJWs, Leftist Establishment all counted here) that we have to listen to the downtrodden, we have to listen to the injured and the upset, even if they’re wrong. Even if they’re telling us things we know aren’t true. Because they have those opinions and feelings for a good reason. That’s why we’re supposed to tolerate racism from the Black Lives Matter goons. That’s why we’re supposed to believe when a minority rapes a woman its because of their feeling of powerlessness, especially if she’s white — and why disgusting misogynist racists circulate the claim that white women can’t be raped. Because they feel disenfranchised in some way, their view should be given validity.

Well, how often are we told that the racists making up the Klan and other groups are poor whites? Statistically we can measure this — it doesn’t just have to be a claim someone makes. There aren’t as many white supremacists out there but a majority are poor. A majority have poor economic prospects. A majority have had poor access to education.

These people grow up with nothing, with no hope, with no opportunity for advancement. They’re angry, they’re upset.

Am I endorsing their opinions? No. But I’m pointing out that using the logic so often used to dismiss the sins of the constituents of the Left Establishment, is somehow twisted to not only criticize downtrodden whites, but to criticize any person those people favor — even if those people are totally innocent. That’s ridiculous, that’s poor behavior and poor logic. Racism is either always wrong or not, but you can’t have it both ways.

That’s why Trump wins, that’s why Trump gains popularity. It’s not the only reason, but the hypocrisy, the lecturing, the hate — that powers the train toward Trump and causes people to dismiss the claims of the media. Because the race card got played out — it got played and played and played over the last few years, more than ever before. The boy cried wolf too often.

Once I heard a story of a brother and sister. The sister would cry and claim the brother hit her, whenever she was cross with him. Because of this, the brother would be punished when he was innocent. Eventually, he’d had enough of her poor behavior and when she was about to cry and claim he hit her, you know what the brother did? He knocked the crap out of his sister. He figured if he was going to get in trouble anyway he might as well actually get hit. This conditioning is what is happening with racism and many other claims against people that feel disenfranchised: They’re already being accused of it.

People just don’t care anymore and that could be extremely dangerous. Because they’ve moved to desensitize people to these topics — they’ve made those topics more dangerous. It’s in their best interest if Trump doesn’t dwell on being supported by any racist groups because bringing attention to the issue and trying to paint non-racists with the sins of racists is going to further reduce the seriousness in which people take real racism.