Boots, Dames, and Skies: The Red, White, and Blue Collection

After the Blue Skies Fall, I’ve decided to throw everything together into one big collection: Boots, Dames, and Skies: The Red, White, and Blue Collection (Cigars and Legs Book 5) Ron Cavanaugh flew a fighter over Korea, took shrapnel, and then spent time recovering in England. He thought coming home would be a break from the violence. Until he found… Read more »

20 Years! Ten Days!

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In ten days, President Trump takes office. Hopefully things will get better. Today is also twenty years since I first got access to the internet. A lot has changed. The start of the year is busy busy, so in general posting is going to be low.

Long day

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To the chickenshit who rear ended me in traffic, and drove off without so much as checking on us: I hope your guilty conscience eats at you and makes you a better person. Everyone is fine. Cosmetic damage to the car. Still quite a sudden, emotionally jarring moment. I did everything right, filed a police report, et cetera. Pretty stupid… Read more »

Cigars and Legs Reviews: Gorilla Mindset

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Gorilla Mindset

After reviewing MAGA Mindset, I decided it was time to re-read and write a proper review of Gorilla Mindset. Since reading this book, I often catch myself talking about being in the “right mindset” on nearly every topic: be it programming (because, that’s my day job), or just general life. It’s been a real eye-opener on a lot of behaviors… Read more »