Write the crap out

Sometimes, you just have to run with it The last few days I’ve written a large number of words I don’t particularly care for. Why? Because sometimes you have to. This is stuff I’ll never publish, never show anyone. But it’s covering a lot of ground with ideas I have, things I want to write, but things that aren’t really… Read more »

The Woman Card

Trump Says Something Controversial For First Time… During his victory speech and press conference last night, Donald Trump claimed that, were Hilary Clinton a man, she’d get like five percent of the vote. She’s got the woman card and nothing else. This has been called a controversial statement and a sexist statement. But everyone is going to hear it through… Read more »

A Right that Saves Lives

A single event case study Often we hear that defensive gun uses are either: a) rare, b) likely to backfire, or c) unnecessary, just call the police — what are you, paranoid? Vigilante! Often, it’s all of the above plus a comment about penis size (it’s not the size we’re compensating for — it’s the inability to launch projectiles at… Read more »

Sports: Stanley Cup round two, Tom Brady, and more.

Politics can wait. Depending on how the Ducks/Predators game goes tomorrow night, I will either have been right about all but one series (I had chosen the Panthers to beat the Islanders), or right about all but two. If the Ducks lose, four of the final eight teams will have never won the Stanley Cup: Predators, Capitals, Sharks, and Blues…. Read more »


Adam Lawson   April 19, 2016   No Comments on Ill

I don’t have it in me to write a long post here, today, but I feel the urge to write something. I will note the difference in give-a-shit Obama shows parents of school shooting victims (declares we have to totally change our policies and culture), and those victimized by illegal aliens (totally ignoring them, rather than… enforcing laws on the… Read more »

Stanley Cup Playoffs

Something different Washington has home ice advantage throughout playoffs, and I expect that’ll pay off handsomely for them this time around. The team, the coach, it all seems to have come together. I see them beating Philly in 6 games — as good as Washington is, Philly is playing hot right now and Washington coasted in. Pittsburgh is also playing… Read more »

Pity As A Weapon

I Pity Many Fools A small thought for the day: Pity, in addition to being the favorite type of party for grievance mongers, is quite the weapon. There are a great deal of people out there beneath your contempt, people that are varying flavors of revolting or annoying, but people you get stuck dealing with. This is because life doesn’t… Read more »