Pussies worried about the word Pussy

Grow up Sometimes grown-up adults lob insults. Sometimes they are mean. Often, fools act as though a personal attack is some sort of awful affront. While a personal attack isn’t necessarily conductive to debate* it is not an instant win for the attacked. Grow up. I don’t think Ted Cruz is necessarily a pussy. He isn’t a buff ass-kicking type… Read more »

Hollywood Hates Women

Their war has to stop. In our current culture saying that a group or industry is waging war on a disadvantaged subset of the population is all the rage, because war is one of those words that we recognize on a near instinctual level. It isn’t meant in the literal fashion and has been abused and degraded in seriousness. But… Read more »

Privilege Isn’t Created Equally

Apparently I’m Missing Out Sometimes people write or say things that cause me to wonder just how easy they’ve had it. Usually this involves accusing a large, faceless swath of a population of having some sort of magic privilege (“easy mode” or whatever that dress-wearing blowhard thinks it is). Today, Wil Wheaton said the following: I’m going to acknowledge my… Read more »

Iowa Forgotten

Adam Lawson   February 2, 2016   No Comments on Iowa Forgotten

Four more years… until we hear about them again Yesterday is being pushed as two things: a big loss for Trump and an even bigger win for Rubio. Which is weird because Trump came in second and Rubio came in third. Some guy named Ted Cruz, apparently a Senator from this little state called Texas, came in first. Mostly what… Read more »

Words have meaning.

Again, I say: Words have meaning. Threat, for example: “a declaration of an intention or determination to inflict punishment, injury, etc., in retaliation for, or conditionally upon, some action or course; menace: ” A declaration of an intention or determination to inflict punishment. That means you intend to do something, or are determined to do something, that will punish the… Read more »


Adam Lawson   January 26, 2016   No Comments on Hydration

It’s got what cells crave The internet is as full of articles about drinking water as the oceans are of undrinkable water. This is not going to be a typical article about it, but it is going to cover some of the basics. You likely aren’t drinking enough water, and it is having a great impact on your day to… Read more »

Big Swinging Dick

Have One My my: Donald Trump: Black people will like me more than they like Obama: “Look, the African Americans love me because they know I am going to bring back jobs,” he told me at the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas. Okay, a pretty standard Trumpian boast. But then he said this: “They are going to like me… Read more »

Populism, Nationalism, Conservatism, Oh My

Do you even know what words are? There has been an interesting development among the speakers from the Republican party, from bloggers to radio hosts to columnists and talking heads. Recently they discovered something (well, two things, but we’ll start with one): The Republican Party is supposedly the conservative party in the United States, and we should stand for that!… Read more »