NNWM Update 2

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After catching up almost completely — within a few thousand words — I fell behind again; however, the days off let me come up with a new direction for something, and now I am less than four thousand words behind. At my current pace, I will be caught up by the end of the week. Hopefully next update, I will… Read more »

NNWM — Update 1

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I started the day at just over 50% of where I needed to be — which put me just over 5,000 words behind less than ten days in. Ick. So my updating will be brief. I think I need to avoid the news and such and use that time to be more productive.

A Good Day

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It’s Tuesday, and I spent all of last week at work in the pacing-tiger mood. I knew I was going to be off next week, so getting to the last weekend between me and the vacation time felt like I was in a cage. This week started off a little different; I know it’s coming, and the weather is cool… Read more »

Defending Halloween Decorations

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One of my favorite holidays is Halloween; I enjoy it. I enjoy hokey “scary” movies, I enjoy decorations, I love the fall. That said, this year I haven’t really done much with decorations and I don’t usually. But this judgy shrew demands a reply. Over the past two weeks, dozens of houses in my neighborhood have been draped in felt… Read more »

The Problem With Hollywood.

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Over the last several months it feels like the folks out in Hollywood have ratcheted up their sanctimonious chattering directed at the masses; it’s more than the usual haughty crap we’ve heard from them. I truly think the election of Donald Trump sent a lot of folks over the edge out there, and it’s kind of fascinating seeing some of… Read more »