Polls Are Rigged

Math Wins (Note, rather than link to each poll individually I am going to drop the RCP polling average link right up here.) A new Reuters poll came out showing Trump losing by ten to Hillary Clinton, with a survey of 1339 registered voters. This seemed out of whack almost as bad as Bloomberg’s recent poll. The Reuters folks don’t… Read more »

Game of Bastards

Boy that was intense. This season has been a sine wave. We started with some pretty good episodes and then the middle was down. Now we’re definitely back up and the show is going to have to pull some tricks to make episode ten better than episode nine. Here we go:


ASK KUNTZMAN! by Larry Correia. Comment, because his comments won’t work for me right now: If the smell of gunfire made him sick how does his widdwe belly stand the smell of NYC? Diesel engines, car exhaust, subways… Shells disoriented him but those crowds and lights don’t? Great post. I’m still stunned by what a wuss this guy is.

Game of Morons

Everyone on this show is retarded A follow up to yesterday, for a bit of humor: Stark Morons: Ned Stark is a moron for how he handled the revelation that Joffrey was not the legitimate heir. He confronted Cersei, he didn’t go with Renly’s plan, and he left himself exposed. Because of this: he died, his wife died, his eldest… Read more »

Game of No One

A Man is amused We’ll start in the North and work out way down through the kingdom as I understand the geography: The North: Crickets. The Riverlands: A surprisingly powerful set of scenes without any real on screen violence. Brienne and Jaime had a touching moment, and Jaime once again showed that he is much more interesting away from Cersei…. Read more »

Optics of the Obama Endorsement

Rotten, Denmark, etc Obama should not have endorsed Hillary Clinton. His decision has a negative impact on the rule of law in this country. The White House has confirmed that the FBI investigation into the e-mail servers is a criminal investigation. The President of the United States has endorsed someone under criminal investigation by our government’s foremost investigative branch. That… Read more »