And a distinct lack of media outrage…

Not sure which title to go with for this one, so I’ll go with both:

War On Women / White Women’s Lives Matter.

The article is being awful kind referring to those monsters as “people.” People don’t do things like that.

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Always Right, Pervert Edition

Over the years, my fellow Americans who are mostly looked down upon by snooty politicians and media types — the ones who work hard, pay taxes, and live in what is referred to as “fly-over country” — the people who feel like their voices aren’t heard, the people who are astounded when they look for the country they were promised… the country that is being eroded daily.

These are the people who are frustrated, frustrated with politicians, frustrated with the media, frustrated with their voices going ignored. Frustrated to see their country held hostage by a vocal, angry minority. They’ll support a Donald Trump, or a Ben Carson. They’ll support anyone, so long as that person isn’t a filthy, conniving, back-stabbing politician. The kind of politician Jeb Bush is, the kind of politician who will take office and immediately turn his back on them for a pat on the back and a nickel from the media elite — and then he’ll let them have the nickel back.

Well, those people’s gut feeling has been right at every turn. Continue reading

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Penultimate NNWM Update

Wow, taking a week off during NNWM is near disastrous.

After getting well behind even having a shot at finishing, I’ve made great strides toward catching up. Beating my best time isn’t going to happen, but that’s a goal for the future. I do enjoy what I’m writing. Assuming I don’t write anything after this post, I will need to get 2242 words a day to finish on November 30.

This won’t be ready for publication or even editing, yet. But it is immense progress. I’ve written around 13,000 words in the last three days. On Sunday I started out not even at the halfway point.

You really are your own worst enemy.

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Never Forget these Snarky Assholes.

They are always wrong.

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Drive-by Blogging

Security Theater, Buzz Lightyear Edition.

A Bumper Sticker I Might Consider.

Kim du Toit reminds us today is National Ammo Day. KdT was largely responsible for my initial foray into blogging.

Five Fs for a Happy Life

A few birthdays:

Happy belated birthday, Mike Cernovich.

Five Years of Bold and Determined.

And a throwback, way back in my feedly list of “to read later” articles…

Possibly the Most I’ve Ever Insulted an Idiot on Facebook.

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Drive-By Blogging

How To Make A Living As a Writer

Too Big To Jail.

Podcast: The List And Times of Dashiell Hammett

Salon: Paris was wearing a short skirt. It is interesting how often liberals blame victims.

Life In the Future

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Open Rebellion

As of this writing, twenty-three state governors, including my own, have outright said they will not support any new refugees coming to their states. This is a (late) reaction to the events in Paris. At least one governor-elect indicates he will align with the current rebellious governors. A few have indicated they will instruct state law enforcement to prevent anyone else from being brought in. The next step from that, of course, is having the National Guard block any envoys of refugees. The step after that… Continue reading

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Drive-By Blogging

Thoughts On Paris. Larry says it in a more patient way than I can. I cannot wrap my head around the stupidity the brought us here.

Hillary Clinton was often confused. Was?

Speaking of the Hillary, she (shock) lied about guns at the debate. But wasn’t called on it in part because the moderator met with her and the other candidates prior to the debate. (Oh, and I no longer entertain fools who say there is no media bias. Game, set, match with that horseshit.)

Quote of the day — Sudden Jihad Edition

Ron Fournier is a dope, and I’m guessing none of his kids are under 30.

We Warned You, and You Didn’t Listen. We are right an astounding percent of the time.

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Nous sommes avec la France

Excuse the Google translation.


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Drive-by Blogging — Is This Bitch Serious? Edition

Oh noes, save us from animated jiggling boobs; TLDR: this guy wants FX to be a premium channel because he’s not a good enough parent.

The reason the FCC doesn’t regulate cable is because it’s not broadcast. Stuff going over the airwaves is subject to their reach. Things that have to be delivered on custom hardware (cable/internet, modems/cable boxes) aren’t subject to their reach. Also, what’s with Breitbart publishing this mess?

More proof Democrats don’t understand math; TLDR: Fauxcohontas says we should give Seniors (and Vets, but mostly Seniors) a “CEO style raise.” Because money just grows on the tree of bureaucracy.

Young, ditzy actress is young, ditzy; TLDR: Jennifer Lawrence won’t be a Republican because some people oppose gay marriage and on-demand abortion. Quote: “I grew up in Kentucky. I know how they are.”

Yet she brandishes her “oh I’m just a normal girl from Kentucky, tee hee” bullshit when it fits her purposes (then goes on television to talk about owning a butt plug because it’s been too long since people were talking about her).

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