Local P.I., Veteran Cracks Case!

Solves murder, busts crime syndicate, vows to chase remaining conspirators!


Ron Cavanaugh, a local Escagoula Point man who served as a Fighter Pilot during the war in Korea, has solved the murder of his dear friend Kate Nass, himself a former private eye. The murder, committed several months before Ron returned home from Korea, wrapped the young man up in layers of intrigue and conspiracy.

Initially believed to simply be a spurned lover or exposed adulterer, Nass' death was connected to corrupt members of the police force and businessmen with money to burn -- and burn it they did, chasing after Ron Cavanaugh and attempting to squash his investigation. But the young pilot never said die, and he managed to shine a light on the deeply hidden criminals.

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Collected Adventures of Ron Cavanaugh Published!

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Every adventure we've reported on so far from intrepid private detective Ron Cavanaugh has been gathered into one special edition of the paper, titled Boots, Dames, and Skies: A Red, White, and Blue Collection! It contains a full write-up of the conspiratorial syndicate Salt Marsh (The Boots Are Red and The Boots Come Off), Ron's adventures connected with the White sisters (The White Dames), and the entirety of his collected cases in and around the county (Blue Skies Fall).

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Blue Skies Fall

Recently, we learned of a secret Soviet rocket tested over the skies of Korea. Ron Cavanaugh, ever present on these pages, happened to see it in action during his time flying a fighter jet over Korea. He's been mostly tight lipped, but he opened up about the recovery of a stolen prototype in our World Report pages.

While discussing the rocket, Ron also sat down to tell us about the kidnapping of two local girls that he solved when hired by former boxing champion Lem Strader; Strader trains one of the girls' brothers, and he knew the families couldn't afford to press the matter. Ron went above and beyond -- even fighting an escaped lunatic -- to bring the girls home safe.

Both stories are available on page B-1, as well as the following two:

Butcher of Biloxi Strikes Escagoula Point!

The Mayor confirmed to our reporters that the slaughter by Blue Falls is believed to be a return of the Butcher of Biloxi, a killer not seen in decades. The Chief of Police hired P.I. Ron Cavanaugh to help the investigation as our Homicide detective was on vacation.

Ron filled in the gaps in the tight-lipped Mayor's story.

Sexual Assault Puts Local Clans on the Brink!

Note: This paper will not be identifying the victim.

A member of the Vance family was violently sexually assaulted, and this has pitted the Vance and Harman clans against one another. These two families have been engaged in an off and on again fued for longer than this paper has been being published, and this latest -- and most vile -- attack only promises to inflame the situation!

Sheriff Al Edwards recused himself from the investigation due to prior conflicts with both sides of the fued, and he hired Ron Cavanaugh to sort out the crime and find the perpetrators before the county goes off like a powder keg!

Full stories avialable on Page B-1: Blue Skies Fall

Local Murder Remains Unsolved

Victim's friend, former fighter pilot, continues search for answers


The murder of private eye Kate Nass remains unsolved. His friend, Ron Cavanaugh, has waged a one-man attempt to catch the criminals involved, despite resistance from police. Cavanaugh says the Police Department, headed by Phil Broussard, hasn't offered any realistic hopes of solving the crime and has in fact been standing in the way of Cavanaugh's investigation.

Chief Broussard claims that they only want to prevent Cavanaugh from damaging their own investigation and putting himself in danger, as a civilian, given that the eventual target of the investigation clearly has no problem committing violent crimes.

For the full story, check page A-3: The Boots Are Red

White Sisters Cause Trouble

Our favorite Private Dick, Ron Cavanaugh, wrote in with a collection of stories about his post-Salt Marsh cases. This collection of stories revolve around his encounters with -- both working for and investigating -- the White sisters. Cavanaugh said, "These White Dames just keep showing up, and trouble is never far behind."

The intrigues involved the murder of a train depot manager, a fake suicide, and extra-marital affairs -- all tinged with theft and murder most vile.

Full story on B-2: The White Dames