Hollywood: Crapping on Everything.


This is going to suck.

I can’t comment on the two younger (I guess?) comics, but neither Wiig nor McCarthy are funny. Wiig continues the stupid/annoying act that Will Ferrell is famous for. Being loud and stupid isn’t talent. I don’t even know what is wrong with McCarthy. Both of them are obnoxious — and the original movies were much more subtle than their style. Not subtle overall, just compared to the two screeching banshees they hired for this.

They let Michael “Explosions on Planet Sunset” Bay have the Ninja Turtles, and he cast his Thai boy-hooker muse as April O’Neil. Who can we blame for this casting?

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Manspreading, Manslamming: Stop the Micro-Aggressions.

Lately this has been all in the news — to the extent only some under-inflated balls could make it go away. Mandspreading, it seems, is sitting with a wide stance on public transportation. Manslamming is the newer of the two, and that refers to the act of playing chicken when walking in public: Who moves first? These are both considered micro-aggressions and are complained about by all the usual suspects. Men: Stop with the micro-aggressions.

Be actually aggressive.
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Women Don’t Want “Nice Guys”

And let me start with why Nice Guys is in quotes: I’ve been on the internet a long time and a lot of so-called nice guys aren’t. They’re weird borderline aspeger’s types who feel entitled. You aren’t entitled. I won’t go as far as the Nice Guys of OKCupid thing in crucifying them, but it’s pretty clear that women aren’t interested. What do women want?

Guys they’re attracted to. Shock, awe: Women are people who have their own attractions. Sometimes they go through phases where they make bad decisions, but for most, this is during adolescence, when many people make bad decisions. Think back, as a teenager, did you ever make a mistake? A big mistake? If you said no, you are a liar.
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Avoid Poison

We are, as a species, programmed to avoid things that are poisonous. Ophidiophobia and arachnophobia are simply out of control variations on a natural aversion to snakes and spiders: they may be poisonous, so our ape-brain just wants nothing to do with them. These are two of the more common phobias, but our overreaction to poison isn’t just limited to creepy-crawly bugs.
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Juicing with Danger

Well, I finished the Fit Juice Trilogy, and I’m determined to juice as many days a week as possible. This is juice as in vegetables, not juice as in steroids, for those of you late to the party. I recommend the books to anyone who is looking for a good primer and a collection of recipes.

I’ll break the review into three parts: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
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Hypocrisy, thy name is social justice warrior…

All day today I’ve had a few thoughts rumbling around in my head.
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FitJuice Affiliate Link

I’m also going to add this to the side bar:

Fit Juice Link

I highly recommend Fit Juice and have been reading it for a long time. Before I got bogged down with some stupid personal issues and let my knee depression throw me into a funk, I was juicing every day with a slightly modified version of his Real V8 juice. I was less hungry through the day with a juice in the morning, I was more alert, I was happier — and there were, ah, “certain sexual side effects” but in a good way. Having fresh vegetable and fruit juice is like a good shock to your system. I’ve decided to make juicing a daily part of my routine again — and will be using Fit Juice as a great guide.

Also, every interaction I’ve had with Mike has been really good. He’s genuinely interested in helping people help themselves — and above all else, he’s actually genuine. You don’t come across that every day.

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Mean Spirited “Jokes” about Christians

During the holidays, the wife and I watched a few stand-up comedians on Netflix and Amazon. Unfortunately more than once I had to turn it off or simply tuned them out because they ruined a good act with a tried, true, and quite frankly old bit: They decided to mock religion. But guess which one? The same one every time: Christianity.

Yes, you are so brilliant with your atheism.
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Temple of the Fallen is out now!

Temple of the Fallen — Amazon ebook. (Still working through some print issues — that link is forthcoming.)

Here’s the first chapter: Continue reading

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Cover Reveal


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