A New Book and a Sale

Starting on Christmas I will have some books on sale/free. I’m also putting the finishing touches on the third Sword of Nalin book, which is the final in the current trilogy and likely the last time many characters will be seen.

No other update as I’m in the midst of working on said book’s final touches.

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Interesting Standard…

In the wake of the Sony e-mails hack we’ve learned that people at Sony are assholes just like everyone else (like we didn’t already know given… y’know, Sony), and say stuff in e-mail they don’t want or expect anyone else to read — just the recipient(s). One of them seemed quite convinced they should talk to Obama about popular black movies and Kevin Hart… because Obama is black and therefore that is his interest. Anyway, the bit I find amusing is this one statement by Dede Gardner:

It’s confusing because it’s obviously a private conversation that was exposed and made public to the world, and it’s hard, I think, for people who know those people

Note that she’s not absolving them — but that nobody had this concern around the Donald Sterling thing.

Just, y’know, saying.

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Is Fox News Contributor Tamara Holder a Misandrist?

To use the popular vernacular: “Wow, just wow.” There’s video at Breitbart of Tamara Holder attacking a journalist who is doing his job, and slamming him as “creepy.”

Brief summary for those who have lived under a rock: Lena Dunham wrote in her book that she was raped during her time at college by a well-known campus Republican named Barry, who worked at the library. A man named Barry who was a well-known campus Republican and worked at the campus library began to get phone calls from the media. He was worried his name would be dragged through the mud for a crime he is innocent of (even Dunham admits this now), and has, since October 6th, been trying to get someone to exonerate him and clear his name. Dunham, despite knowing this, let him continue to twist(1).

Nolte then investigated. He never has claimed Dunham wasn’t raped (that I have seen) — and, in fact, has expressed an interest in catching the actual rapist at large (moreso than the victim has, even). But he wanted to know if this Barry was THE Barry. The story eventually blew up and Random House has cleared Barry and said it was just a pseudonym and that the similarities were unfortunate coincidences. Very well. So here’s where Tamara Holder inserts herself in a rude, personal-attack style manor. Quotes are verbatim:

“And your creepy John Nolte guy… what is he doing on the campus like digging around trying to find out if it was Barry or who it was?”

Sean Hannity should have cut her off here and said, “His job” and left it at that. An innocent man was being called by the media and a national figure with a lot of power in the media had made it seem (whether she meant to or not) that he was a rapist, too rough with other women, and a boob-puncher. The details made it so that more than one news publication found him. Tamara Holder is a news figure and has been alive for more than the last few years so she has to have seen the lives destroyed by false rape claims, like the one against the Duke lacrosse team. Barry doesn’t want that in his life, and he doesn’t deserve it.

Also, why is trying to find the person named in an account, a person who is protesting that he is innocent, “creepy”?

“Barry doesn’t exist [some garbled mess about "it's not your name"].”

Yes, he does. Is she serious? This total disregard for the trouble this guy has been through is where the idea she might be a misandrist started to build in the back of my head.

“[something -- cross talk, she's interrupting Nolte here] being creepy.”

There’s that word again.

“You have a man here at Breitbart who is ruining women [more garbled cross talk -- this is why I hate cable news](2).”

This is where she goes off the rails. At no point is Nolte saying she wasn’t raped. He is simply clearing the name of a man with many traits in common with the supposed rapist. Lena Dunham is a media figure with a big audience and a multi-million dollar book deal. Barry is just some guy. If anything, Barry, an individual man, was being ruined. But the man in the situation and what he has been through doesn’t matter — a male reporter has questioned a woman who claims she was raped, therefore he is destroying women.

“There is no man, she said Barry, that’s it.”

This is demonstrably false and had just been countered by Nolte: She made specific reference to specific details. Tamara Holder is apparently an attorney of some sort and should know better. I’m guessing she doesn’t handle a lot of libel related cases. Eugene Volokh disagrees with her general assessment. Given the way Random House has offered to pay legal fees to date and is changing a book that is already out in the wild, it would seem that Random House also disagrees with her poor assessment of the situation.

There you have it: A male reporter doing his job is creepy, a male accused of a crime he didn’t commit doesn’t matter.

I wouldn’t hire a lawyer like that to fight a parking ticket — and if I still had cable I would cancel it until Fox News stopped paying this (in my opinion) misandrist.

(1) This is sick and deplorable behavior — someone with power allowing someone with no power to be tormented. What did she gain here?
(2) I’m glad I don’t pay for cable anymore. All of the 24-hour news talking heads are reason enough to keep my money to myself.

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“Real” Men and Women… short post, to the point:

The other day I happened across a meme of sorts, one of those Monopoly-card looking pictures with a snarky saying on it. This one talked about how “real women” have curves. I’ve seen a lot of this lately — “real women [are/do/know]…” — and the male variant (typically, “Real men love curves”). This follows up on a few years of different sites and different people talking about how “real men do [x]“.


A real woman is a grown (physically, mentally) human female who acts like an adult.

A real man is a grown (physically, mentally) human male who acts like an adult.

Men who like thin women, or comically large cartoon anime characters — whatever, they like what they like. Adults do what makes them happy without compromising their responsibilities.

This childish obsession with dictating what other people like is getting out of hand. “If you don’t like what *I* like then you are mean!”

What? Really?

No “Real” Adult says anything remotely like that in a serious context.

Otherwise, the billions of people who haven’t read and liked all of my books are mean. Because they’re not real women or real men.

Hey, I kind of like the idea of this.

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Some linkage.

Holiday Snacks That’ll Boost Your Testosterone — aka a gift for her.

How Cold Is A Survivalists Friend — aka, they should’ve announced the grand jury decision during a snowstorm.

Don’t even get ACCUSED of domestic violence in California — no aka here: The guy was charged despite zero cooperation from his wife, on the basis of a neighbor calling the cops. We don’t know all the evidence yet but the woman could have fallen and that’s what all this fuss is about.

Boehner should drop the Eh. No surprise that he’s being a capitulating douchebag.

Note to my representative: I’m voting against anyone who votes to give this stooge any power.

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Stop Burning Shit.

Look, I get being angry — I’ve been angry. I get being angry with court stuff — I’ve been there, too.

Never has it entered my mind to burn down random stores and businesses that had nothing to do with the court’s decision.

This is doing no one any favors, and there is no excuse for it.

Oh, and media — there’s not a “peaceful protest” and some alternate non-peaceful kind. There’s either a protest, which is peaceful, or a riot. The stuff going on in Ferguson is a riot, and not a protest. These people aren’t protestors. Unless they’re only protesting. But once you destroy property or steal it (yes, you sure showed the Grand Jury by stealing liquor from a third party), you are a rioter or a looter. You are now a criminal, and you should be arrested and charged. Just because a large group is also doing it does not make it acceptable.

That said — the increased militarization of police and bad blood between citizen and law enforcement is some bad juju. It would not hurt any of us if we used this to move toward a better relationship on both ends.

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It’s damn cold, I’m bogged down, then some gamergate

Let me do some drive-by blogging instead of a normal update:

Go Full Gorilla. My answer: My own self, apparently.

An ugly gun. Put me down as a no.

Single Mom’s Ministry. I must have missed the part of the Bible that was solely aimed at single moms, and can’t be taught in just… any… ministry.

7 Ways to Boost Your Testosterone Without TRT. Getting back to a balance is really important because testosterone does a lot for you.

Now, really quickly, let me talk to you about gamergate (said in the same tone as “let me talk to you about Jesus”).

– If you are opposed to people who play video games, then you really have no business being in the games industry. This should go without saying.
– If you are opposed to standards and ethics in video game journalism, or any journalism, you have no business being any sort of journalist.
– If you are opposed to women playing or making video games solely based on their gender, then you’re an idiot.
– If you want to make video games with a political or social bent to them, fine. But you can’t make anyone play your video game.
– I repeat that last one: You cannot make someone play any video game. The. End.

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The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

I had a pair of fairly disturbing dreams last night, one close to morning that woke me up.

It’s interesting how the brain can remember people you haven’t seen or thought of since you were a kid — one of the dreams was about a kid from the street I grew up on, and the kid didn’t live there long. The other dream was an assortment of oddities that didn’t make much sense in the dream and make less now. Both of them were rotten.

Writing this now, I’ve remembered another dream I had a long time ago — maybe when I was ten years old. It was also disturbing and kind of related to the ones last night, which makes me wonder — how often do I actually have dreams that connect to other ones? If I had to guess I’d say not often, and when I do, it always seems to be some sort of nightmare. My bad dreams tend to be related: I’m late for something (a test, work, a meeting) by a fair margin. I’m somewhere I shouldn’t be doing something I shouldn’t be (public, naked; flying, free and out of control; drowning).

Perhaps it reflects on how good life is that only the bad, implausible dreams stick out. I know I’ve had good dreams, but they don’t seem like much to remember.

Dreams mostly seem to be made of memories and fears, with a healthy dose of theater of the absurd thrown in. Despite all that it almost never occurs to me that something is a dream.

The one time it did was something else: given, it was a bad dream. It was one of those dreams about an evil person who was unstoppable, one where I was running through knee-deep slowness and unable to get away. Somehow in the dream I realized it was, and annihilated the Clayface-like monster person coming after me.

Anyway, that’s today’s rant.

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That was fun — Voting Edition

I voted today — probably the only guy with a beard and a Bruins jersey on in the state — and did two different write-ins: Chris McDaniel for Senate and Gene Taylor for House. Here’s why:

— McDaniel: He should have won the primary outright, he should have won the runoff. Trickery on the part of the Cochran campaign and state party to back the Good Ole Boy/Establishment Guy cost him. I will never vote for Thad Cochran again; I might not ever straight out vote for a Republican candidate in the state.

— Taylor: Well, I wasn’t voting for the Democrat party, but I refuse to vote for the Republican candidate either after what the state party did in the Senate race.

The rest of it was all local stuff — sheriff, judges, and one statewide measure (“should hunting and fishing be a constitutional right?” Yeah, why not?). I voted for a guy I figure has a shot, but not a great shot, of winning the sheriff’s seat, and most of the judges were uncontested seats. A few I voted for because I know (of) them — one judge I was a juror in a trial for, and he was fair and earned my vote (even though he was unopposed).

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The Cigars and Legs Presidency

Today is the second mid-term election of the current administration, and even without a crystal ball the staff here at Cigars and Legs are willing to bet it is pretty brutal for the current regime.

However, politics isn’t nearly as fun in reality as it is with a bit of an imagination. Your humble author won’t be eligible to become president until the first election at the start of the next decade, but let’s just pretend for a bit, shall we? How would things be different under El Presidente?

Well, let’s start with a few of my interesting cabinet choices:

For Attorney General, I would put forth Mike Danger, and I would ask him to fully back the first, second, fourth, and fifth amendments, and go after any government agency (federal, state, or local) that tried to curb those rights unjustly.

For Secretary of Defense, first, I would have the department renamed Secretary of War. We wouldn’t engage in such foolish “defense” activities as invading other countries. We would only engage in war, when necessary. Then I would select a particularly intelligent man who was good at managing actual strategy from the ranks of our generals. Having a politician or anyone non-military at the top of the military is foolish.

Treasury would be headed up by The Captain. A balanced budget would be his first priority.

It isn’t a cabinet position but I would put Matt Forney in as Press Secretary. It would be well worth it.

There are more, of course. But I’m not sure how I’d re-arrange the cabinet yet…

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