4 Straw Men the Left Love Tilting At

OR, Amanda Marcotte is STILL Dumb

Fresh from the music magazine that did all that great research and fact checking about the rape culture of Virginia frat houses, we have 4 Pro-Gun Arguments We’re Sick of Hearing, which are actually four specifically chosen gun arguments Marcotte thinks she’s smart enough to take down. We’ll see. Continue reading “4 Straw Men the Left Love Tilting At”

Related Points: Media Hypocrisy and Bush Proves Me Right (and a tangent)

No funny pictures to go along with this post.

Trump didn’t go after or correct a man (who sounded drunk?) that asserted our current President is a Muslim, and that we were having problems with Muslims. The media got in an immediate snit about this and has spent the better part of the last few days wetting themselves over his refusal to apologize, or his refusal to condemn the man. Then, Trump did something really ballsy: He said he isn’t going to correct someone for rumors Hillary Clinton started.

Damn, son. Continue reading “Related Points: Media Hypocrisy and Bush Proves Me Right (and a tangent)”

Idiots and Accusations

Due to my long-term interest in politics I’ve become aware of a great deal of political figures who may or may not be shady characters. Many of them I don’t care for — this is especially true of the commentators. People who do nothing but talk, people who make their career on the missteps of others.

glenn-beck-face-485x279One person I’ve never liked is Glenn Beck. Continue reading “Idiots and Accusations”

Entertainment Should Be Entertaining

It’s a strange world when this post has to be written, but that’s where we are. The venues in which a person seeks and gains entertainment should be that: entertainment. A great number of avenues for entertainment are currently being run by people with other aims, people with agendas other than to entertain. People who think message fiction is more important than fiction that gets read.black_mask_2602 Continue reading “Entertainment Should Be Entertaining”

The problem with Jeb!

Every cycle there is at least one candidate running that inspires me to say something insane about resurrecting dead tyrants and running them instead because at least the dead tyrants are honest about who they are… well, this year there’s more than a normal share of that sort of insanity. Further, there’s a lot of candidates running that make my teeth itch. These candidates come across as dishonest, they have the slime that earthworms leave behind running through their veins. They’re pretty much why we hate politicians.

Enter Jeb Bush Continue reading “The problem with Jeb!”

Grilling and Gridiron

Ah, the grill and the gridiron.

I’ve made no secret of my enjoyment of cooking. I don’t really go with recipes as anything more than basic guidelines, but enjoy taking those basic guidelines and going off in my own direction. Creating something new, combining flavors to get just the right taste, and improving on the recipes every time. There’s something magic in that and it also allows me to both save money (by not eating out) and eat healthier (by avoiding pre-processed meals and food items as much as possible). It’s similar to juicing, but there’s heat involved. Continue reading “Grilling and Gridiron”

Hey Look! ICE Found a Criminal Immigrant!

Of course, he’s a legal immigrant, but still:

Slava Voynov Held by ICE (headline shortened):

Slava Voynov has been moved from jail to an unspecified detention facility by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Voynov, who is a Russian citizen, will have a hearing with an immigration judge, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Well now that we know they can do it…

Cigars and Legs Politics As A Series of Bumper Stickers

After a lengthy post yesterday dealing with a political candidate I don’t even support it only seems fair to lay out some of my actual political positions. However, writing a lengthy post about each position is more a job for a political blogger and I tend to only discuss politics when something grinds my gears. So, without further rambling, here’s a few of my positions as Bumper Stickers, with some explanation for each:

Bill of Rights Continue reading “Cigars and Legs Politics As A Series of Bumper Stickers”