DNC E-Mail Leaks

I wanted to take a few days to let the information settle and see how the Convention started before commenting on the DNC’s leaked e-mails. I have a few thoughts: It won’t impact the election. While people are rightly outraged and Bernie supporters are swearing up and down they won’t vote for Hillary — this won’t make a dent in… Read more »

Post-RNC Thoughts

Despite Media, A Good Week for Trump Let’s just do this the way I do book reviews: Good, Bad, Ugly. The Good Trump’s Family — young, healthy, energetic, well-spoken. His kids gave great speeches without any major (or really, minor) glitches or trip-ups. Despite the media focus on Melania Trump’s “plagiarism”, the speech itself was good and well received —… Read more »

Polls Are Rigged

Math Wins Update: I have received searches related to “are the polls rigged for hillary clinton”. Yes. Yes they are — at worst, Trump is tied with Clinton. Expect this bias to go away as the election approaches and nobody wants to be the poll that was wrong by 10-15 points. (Note, rather than link to each poll individually I… Read more »

Game of Bastards

Boy that was intense. This season has been a sine wave. We started with some pretty good episodes and then the middle was down. Now we’re definitely back up and the show is going to have to pull some tricks to make episode ten better than episode nine. Here we go: