To help those in California…

I have made a Consent Form for you all:

California Consent Form

California Consent Form

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Cigars and Legs — Next Book Tease

Chapter 1
It’s a banal way to start out by saying, “It was a dark and stormy night,” but on this occasion it was true. It was the middle of June and it had been threatening to rain all day before finally starting to come down just before the sunset and continuing through the night. The kind of dark, moonless night that even without rain usually meant business for guys like me — private eyes — and for the cops. The kind of rain that washed away evidence and made our jobs harder. Worse, the kind of rain that came with heat and didn’t offer any refuge from it.
I was on a job and working late. Times were tough and I actually had competition in town, a formerly retired old bastard named Roger Keaton. He’d been a cop up north somewhere before moving down here, which made him a damn yankee. He came standard with the accent and arrogance. Worse, he was as good at his job as it was wet outside. I didn’t appreciate this much moisture when there wasn’t a woman involved.
Gunshots rang out.

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Lent — Cigars and Legs Style

I’m going to be going without cigars between tomorrow and Easter.

And junk food.

But not beer.

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Beer Review Week

It’s Beer Review Week over at the New Digs.

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Can’t not post something.

I’ve kept this page up to date every week for over a year. I’ve lost count. I feel weird not posting here, even though I’m moving the blog.

Strange how we are creatures of habit.

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New (Old) Digs

My desire to talk about stuff that isn’t necessarily writing has lead me to re-create the blog at Adam Lawson. Also, I’m writing a lot that isn’t Cigars and Legs, anyway. I’m still not certain what I’m going to do with this website; I’m trying to decide what I’ll do to focus it on the brand of Cigars and Legs.

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A review of the Boots Are Red — by Matt Forney!

The Boots Are Red got reviewed by Matt Forney!

My favorite part:

The Boots Are Red works because Lawson is a talented writer; his prose has a Chandlerian slickness to it, rolling off the page with ease. Additionally, his occasional jokes are a riot

That’s right, I am hilarious.

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Game, set, match on the War on Women lie.

Rand Paul is wiley and could be dangerous, if he doesn’t fall into any race-baiting or get caught with a young boy.

“They can’t have it both ways. And so I really think that anybody who wants to take money from Bill Clinton or have a fundraiser has a lot of explaining to do. In fact, I think they should give the money back,” Mr. Paul, Kentucky Republican, said. “If they want to take position on women’s rights, by all means do. But you can’t do it and take it from a guy who was using his position of authority to take advantage of young women in the workplace.”

How many Democrats have been busted for abusing their power?

Some Democrats have sprung to the Clintons’ defense, including Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri, who said it was “infuriating” for Mr. Paul to cite Mr. Clinton as a response to the GOP’s policies toward women.

“How dare he point out our hypocrisy!!” (says almost every liberal ever called out for hypocrisy)

Mr. Paul, though, said in his interview this week that Ms. McCaskill, who is supporting Mrs. Clinton in 2016, didn’t always feel that way. In 2008, she supported then-Sen. Barack Obama over Mrs. Clinton and commented that she wouldn’t want her daughter to be near Mr. Clinton.


Democratic National Committee spokeswoman Lily Adams said Friday that Mr. Paul’s voting record on women’s pay belies his stated concern for them.

“If his claims of concern for women are sincere he should start by rethinking his opposition to the Violence Against Women’s Act, paycheck fairness and the right of women to make their own health care decisions,” she said.

The VAWA is flawed and by its very nature sexist; imagine if Republicans supported a bill that even from the very NAME implied it only protected one group of people. Violence against anyone is a problem. But to hypocrites like Lily Adams, domestic violence is only perpetrated by men, just like hate crimes are only perpetrated by whites.

It’s also rich talking about paycheck fairness when the President’s own staff is paid unevenly. And, y’know, it’s kind of not true.

Also, sure, women can make their own health care decisions as long as men don’t have to subsidize it. Why should I have to pay for some woman to have sex with another man? I don’t even buy lapdances for my friends.

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Cutting a Cigar in Half

This idea occurred to me having watched some Band of Brothers and noting that Bull always had a stubby cigar. I wondered if, to make them last longer on a low supply, he was cutting them into mission-sized chunks. It made sense: If done carefully, you have two cigars, kind of like the myth about earthworms. They’re just smaller.

On the way home today I had to stop off at a store and wouldn’t have time to smoke a full one, and to add to my woes, I hadn’t brought any. Fortunately, I am a smart man, and chose a store next to a reputable Tobacconist. On the way out I swung by, bought a Montecristo, and promptly cut it in half. Good, clean cut. I chose the end already clipped and lit up. This would work well with a longer cigar, but I had to choose something that would fit in the backup cutter I’d brought with me today and the selection was (pun intended) slim on brands I knew what to expect from. I know Montecristo cigars. They’re my go-to — so any difference, I’d know.

It worked all-right with the half I had. It burned hotter than usual at the start, which was to be expected. I might try it again — the cigar didn’t come out bad. In a pinch…

Oh, and it lasted almost exactly as long as I figured.

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It’s cold here.

It has been icing pretty heavily since about noon. There would be layers upon layers of ice on my car if we hadn’t had a lightly-packed-iceball fight.

I made the beginnings of an iceman, and the dog found it to be scary enough to bark at when I took him out to let him try and do his business.

I am generally opposed to it getting this cold, but I got two days (so far) off of work for it. I’ll take that trade.

The writing hasn’t caught up to my brain yet.

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