Review: MAGA Mindset: Making YOU and America Great Again by Mike Cernovich

MAGA Cover

I’m going to jump right into this one: everyone should read this book. Buy it here: MAGA Mindset: Making YOU and America Great Again Mike Cernovich’s latest hit this week, and it’s a great romp through the rise of Trump and the movement behind him: from the reasons why he’s doing well with certain groups, to a surgical take-down of… Read more »

The System

Adam Lawson   October 18, 2016   No Comments on The System

You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to see it Let’s leave aside Donald Trump and claims of rigged elections for this discussion, and talk about the heart of why people believe it when he makes that claim. When was the last time a great number of people actually liked the candidates for president? I don’t mean their own… Read more »

Debate One

Adam Lawson   September 27, 2016   No Comments on Debate One

The coverage during the post-debate haze has been interesting to say the least. Trump people who feel the man lost, feel he lost because he pulled too many punches. Clinton people feel he didn’t pull enough and came across like a wild man. The media thinks the media are all quite handsome and wise. On the one hand, I don’t… Read more »

Quick Hits: “White People”, the NFL, Skittles

Oh boy I’ll start with skittles. Apparently this analogy angers the crap out of progessional victims, thin-skinned morons, and the press. But I repeat myself. I’m sure it also touches on victim blaming somehow. But look: if you know something has a risk, you minimize that risk. I know that bullets come out of my gun so I don’t look… Read more »


Adam Lawson   September 13, 2016   No Comments on Deplorable

Who you callin’ deplorable? This week has been long, and it’s only Tuesday. I might be a bit short. I might be a bit acidic — I might channel the ol’ Acidman. Because this is some bullshit. It’s no coincidence that within a week of Clinton saying that around thirty-million Americans are deplorable (or, belong in a basket thereof) —… Read more »

What Hillary Will Do

Imagine: We already know that Hillary is the third Obama term. She will continue what he has started. This means, in no specific order: – Further mid-east adventurism, spilling blood and spending treasure with no clear goals. – Further degrading our relationship with Russia. Funny how four years ago Russia was no big threat when Romney brought them up, but… Read more »

Neoconservative Men Hate Women

Especially Intimidating Women I never thought I’d agree with leftists and social justice types about anything when it comes to neocons. But lately, looking at the actions of a few prominent neoconservative men, I cannot help but notice that many of them have deep-seated issues with women. These issues are magnified — “bigly” — when the woman is in some… Read more »