The Ultimate (and Final) Cigars and Legs Political Post

Because I Need To Make Adam Great Again in 2018 and don’t have time for these thoughts. Let’s pretend somewhere that I’ve taken over the country and declared myself His High Lord General For Life, and I’m changing up some policies. It’ll be easier to run this thought experiment that way, without a bunch of pesky politicians and special interest… Read more »

Senator Fishlips

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I hope Fishlips does stay in the Senate, and here are a few of my cynical reasons why. First, let me start by saying replacing Fishlips with a different Democrat does exactly nothing for me or my worldview — it’s still going to be an extremely liberal person opposed diametrically to many of my most important viewpoints, and they are… Read more »

NNWM Ultimate

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Well, I did not finish before Monday. I did, however, finish on Monday. Great success. A winner is me. And as if to prove that success is a breeder of success, after I finished with the competition, I had a great idea tying together several smaller ideas I’ve worked on.

NNWM Update 2

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After catching up almost completely — within a few thousand words — I fell behind again; however, the days off let me come up with a new direction for something, and now I am less than four thousand words behind. At my current pace, I will be caught up by the end of the week. Hopefully next update, I will… Read more »