The Boots Are Red

Ron Cavanaugh thought coming home after being a pilot in the Korean War would be a break from violence, until he found out his mentor, a grizzled, cynical gumshoe named Kate Nass, had been murdered; with no answers coming from the residents of the small town of Escagoula Point or their police department, he became a man on a mission. His mission became more complicated when he discovered a conspiracy involving small town thugs, a prostitution ring, drug smuggling, and the future governor of the state of Mississippi. Audrey Carmen, his leggy love interest, served as a distraction… or did she?

The first book in the Cigars and Legs series, The Boots Are Red introduces Ron, his companions, his city, and his enemies. Set in the 1950s, Ron has to deal with the limitations of technology as he pursues answers, and he has to deal with a police force governed by a man distrustful of him and with no interest in solving the Kate Nass murder.

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