2-0 and 0-2 predictions.

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I forgot to post my picks for the first two weeks, but trust me, I was right 100% of the time, even down to the scores and attendance figures. I’m that good.

Now, on to the teams who are currently 2-0 and 0-2 because that’s where I’m going to make my predictions:

New Orleans — gonna go 16-0! No losses. Lombardi. Who dat!

Chicago — their first loss is going to be against dem Saints. That means they win this weekend and next.

Seattle — first loss is against Atlanta in week ten. I don’t think they’ll lose at home until DEM SAINTS! but I don’t see them losing on the road until this point. Even though Texas is freaking awesome.

New England — again, Atlanta is going to be the streak breaker. Unless a pissed off Tampa storms in, or Atlanta goes completely to shit. I’ll accept being wrong if it means Atlanta bombs.

Miami — if not Atlanta, then WHO DAT? (Interesting how many of these teams play the Saints or Atlanta!)

Houston — Baltimore.

Denver — if not at New England, then not at all. I can see them going 16-0.

Now for the 0-2 teams and their first wins:

Jaguars — sometime in 2014. It would not surprise me to see them go 0-16. But now that I said that they’ll beat Seattle at home and fuck my whole bracket up.

Steelers — maybe they win at Minnesota. Maybe not. If not, certainly at least when they face Cleveland in Pittsburgh. Of course, that’s week 17. (I wouldn’t mind if they never won another game, ever, during my lifetime. It might shut the second most annoying football fan base up. ((I’m looking at you, Green Bay))).

Browns — Uh. Steelers at home. There’s no way both of these teams can go 0-16. But they’ll do their best. Certainly they’ll also beat the Jags.

Panthers — The Rams at home.

Buccaneers — Philly, at home.

Vikings — Browns, also at home.

Giants — Carolina.

Redskins @ Oakland.

So, I’ll update again after next week to see how I’m doing… and make any adjustments needed.