21 Points Change: Word Count on Week Days

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I’m making an adjustment to my 21 points word count goal:

Instead of 2k/day and 5k/weekend day it’ll be 1k/day and 4k/weekend day, at least until I get my footing. Otherwise I’ll beat myself up too much when I don’t hit it, and I’m trying to be realistic. However, I won’t be counting blog posts towards the total — only words written in books.

I don’t want to start chickening out about things, but I do need to be realistic in my evaluations here. I’m not including things I am guaranteed to do every day, but I am limiting it to things that are possible. As I adjust and get better at it I will alter them.

If I start hitting something every single day for weeks on end I may take it off the list, because it’s too much of a gimme point. I may also adjust the number of points as things become a part of my daily routine — maybe I want to write 2x, and count it as two different fields in my spreadsheet.

This is about improving me and my life, including my mental state. Not getting to certain goals just made me feel like crap, and doing certain things (constant news checking, the addiction that is the internet) made me feel like crap. I want to use this platform to remove the bad, improve the good. I also want to be honest with my progress and with myself about this (part of why “talk to myself” is half of one requirement). I don’t want to get to the point where I justify not doing something enough to give myself a free point. The numbers cannot become more important than the habits.

Because I can easily write “1” in 21 cells in a spreadsheet every day…