21 Points — So Far Monday 8/18:

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UP @ 0530: DONE.
Sleep Mask: Pending.
Juicing: DONE. Had frozen it. Talk about a nasty Popsicle.
Intermittent Fasting: DONE
Supplements: Took ’em today. All of ’em. No ill effects so far.
Knee workout: DONE.
Bodyweight workout: DONE.
Caffeine Regimen: DONE.
Meditate: DONE.
No Porn, Hussies, Batin’: DONE.
Write 2k/day: DONE. May revise this down for week days though.
Read 30 minutes of a real book: DONE.
Slack: DONE.
Cold Showers: About to.
5 Point List: DONE.
Talk to myself, and talk to God: DONE.
Everyday Lent: DONE.
Walk (w/dog if possible/he behaves): DONE.
Work Toward Quarterly Goals: DONE.
Strut like a BOSS: DONE.

19/21 so far.