A Crowd of Savages

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Using Small Words for the SJWs

By the time this post goes live everyone paying attention will have heard about the various New Year’s Eve assaults across Europe. For those who haven’t but are somehow reading my blog: On New Year’s Eve across various cities mobs of men, mostly described as Muslim or North African and frequently claimed to be refugees, ganged up on women and assaulted them in varying degrees of severity ranges from gropes to rapes. The news didn’t break initially due to intense pressure from the elites in those countries to squash the story, just like the cases of women working with relief organizations being raped by refugees get swept under the rug. When it broke stories of similar behavior erupted from other cities.

Since then the response from those supposedly interested in protecting women has been tepid at best. A great deal of accusations have been hurled at those of us that are outraged. We’re just in this because we’re racist, and it gives us ammunition against the minority we despise is the common theme. As I’ve mentioned before, we’re always accused of being hateful or fearful and this is doubly true when they don’t like where the argument is going because it threatens to expose them. The fastest way to get called a racist or a sexist is to come out swinging in a way that lays bare the lie of an SJW.

Another common refrain has been that we don’t speak out when local rapists commit their atrocious crimes. This is something the left has a really hard time reconciling in their small, emotion addled brains. They act as though we aren’t concerned with any crime we haven’t personally denounced — a sort of inverse association fallacy — even as they shield themselves behind the same defense. Another arena with the same or similar accusation is the handling of pedophiles in science fiction/fantasy — because those of us on the alt right haven’t personally denounced every pedophile then we’re only using the pedophilia of people like MZB for political reasons. This is foolish on its face because no man can condemn every crime that happens on the entire planet.

It is a modified form of white guilt as well; with white guilt we are supposed to feel guilt for every wrong of every person of European descent throughout history and denounce and pay penance for those crimes.

But they’re ignoring the simple numbers game here. When hordes of men act in unison all on the same day across a continent… Well, most sex crimes are committed by a small minority of our overall population just like most crimes overall come from a dedicated number of criminals. This is an unprecedented number of people acting in concert to hurt women, women of the country hosting them and bringing them out of their horrible place of origin. If being in Europe isn’t better than the Middle East, or if they’re being treated poorly, they should return and trouble the European people no more.

Mike is correct about Western culture. Immigration without assimilation isn’t sustainable. When the systems in place in your homeland are so terrible that you must flee (and judging by the gender and age makeup of the refugees, leave your women, children, and elderly behind) then leave the aspects of it that were horrible behind. In this case perhaps these men, whether they are citizens or refugees, should drop their view when it comes to men and women. The SJW loves to criticize pick-up artists and other men for wanting to hook up with women voluntarily — because somehow male sexuality is evil when they desire the woman’s consent — and yet, they are hesitant to offend the supposed “minority” of Muslims that view women as having little more value and rights than a goat. Well, there are more Muslims than there are white men, and there are more Arabs than there are white men.

Across all races there are an estimated 1,600,000,000 Muslims across the world. Assuming women and men are evenly distributed across that population (a generous assumption given the treatment of women in majority-Muslim nations) then there are 800,000,000 Muslim men — that’s eight hundred million and over a tenth of the global population. There are more Muslim men than Europeans as a whole (though the groups overlap) as there are only 750,000,000 Europeans. There are 320,000,000 million Americans. Even if we generously attribute those entire populations to white people and do the same fifty-fifty split that means there are 375,000,000 men in Europe and 160,000,000 men in America, for a total of 535,000,000 “white” men — again, we are attributing a known number of other racial and ethnic groups to simplify the equation so the number is actually much smaller.

White men make up less than ten percent of the population and yet they receive most of the blame and hatred for problems the world over. Stop being afraid of the accusation of racism or prejudice when the group you are criticizing is one of the largest ethnoreligious groups in the world.

The reality of the situation in Cologne and those other cities is that these groups — like the group Mike references in Paris on Bastille Day — are a crowd of savages. There’s no other explanation for their base behavior. Nobody is stupid enough to think that is the way one should behave towards women. They simply don’t care. They don’t care about your feminism, or your sexual freedom. They want something — to touch, to rape — and they will get it whether you agree or not. It’s life imitating art, and the art is the scene at the end of Borat when he tosses a sack over Pamela Anderson and declares, “Your agreement is not necessary!” (Borat, however, was not a Muslim; he helpfully tells us he worships the hawk. Apparently the hawk isn’t fond of human women either.)

They are savages, troglodytes. They have a twelfth century outlook on culture, behavior, and beliefs. If they want to be among us they must become like us. The alternative is incidents like these happening with greater frequency — as we saw in Rotterham the authorities will allow a great deal of leeway for the abuse of women and girls to avoid being accused of racism. In fact they allowed over a thousand and those are just the ones we know of.

A few weeks ago Scott Adams, of Dilbert fame, asked how many American lives people would accept over a ten year period in order to allow continued importation of Muslim refugees. The real question that we must press on the left is: how many of your wives, sisters, mothers, and daughters will you accept being groped or raped in order to avoid being called racist? My answer is and will always be zero. Given the choice between protecting those women dear to me while enduring the ridiculous claims I am racist or only being called racist sometimes and allowing women to be assaulted, I’ll choose to be called racist every time. Being called a name is much preferable to seeing what happened on Cologne allowed to happen again.

Leave your savage bullshit at the door.

Stop reacting like an enraged chimpanzee if someone draws your prophet. Stop trying to get your crummy Sharia law implemented in the West. Stop trying to turn the West into just another instance of the shithole middle east. We are not a theocracy, as the left loves to remind us, and we aren’t about to bend knee to your backwards horse shit. Fuck you, and the camel you rode in on, if you think you have the right to touch women without their permission.

Wearing shorts or short skirts isn’t permission you mouth-breathing, bearded savages.

And back to those on the left: Don’t ever tell me about a “war on women” because tax payers might not want to pay for your free birth control, or because we don’t think religious organizations should have to buy birth control for you if they find it against their faith. Don’t tell me about a “war on women” because people are appalled by the behavior of Planned Parenthood. Don’t tell me about any of this when you are attacking me over my belief that women shouldn’t be molested by a crowd of savage troglodytes. Don’t tell me anything about a “war on women” when you are out there spouting off that racism is worse than rape. Because that’s bullshit and you know it. The real war on women is being waged by criminal rapists, these savages in Europe, and the spouses of Democratic candidates for president. At no point have I or anyone I associate with engaged in anything remotely similar to the crimes committed by these disgusting monsters.