A Lot of Growing Up To Do

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Crazy kid sues parents for support; thankfully the judge told her to pound sand. Rachel Canning isn’t getting her $650 a week in support, and she damn well shouldn’t. Who does she think she is? (Note: All the below is my opinion about the various dimwits involved in this case — none of it is a statement of fact, other than the quoted elements being facts of the story)

Earlier her lawyer said the parents of the high school honor student should have sought help for their daughter rather than cutting her off financially for misbehaving, the teen’s lawyer said in a court hearing Tuesday.

No — they tried and when that didn’t work they cut her off. As you can expect as an adult, in adult relationships, when you won’t accept what is offered. If you live in someone’s house you live by their rules. But Little Miss Special here wanted to eat her cake and have it too.

Her friend’s father, attorney and former Morris County Freeholder John Inglesino, is bankrolling the lawsuit.

Because the little hobo is living with him, or because he’s sleeping with her on the sly. Nobody bankrolls a lawsuit that is this ridiculous for no reason.

“To be clear, my clients never abandoned nor abused their child, and they have asked her to come home,” their attorney, Laurie Rush-Masuret, told reporters just before entering court.

So… they didn’t abandon her, they want her to come home, they just don’t intend to bankroll her lifestyle or tolerate her being a little bitch? Yeah — so much sympathy for her here.

“What kind of parents would the Cannings be if they didn’t set down some strict rules?” Bogaard said.

Baby Boomers.