A Small Quibble.

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Via The Cap’n, comes this silly article:

Sorry gents, the results are in: a bunch of bitches don’t understand you. (Note: I took some liberty with that title because, hey, the idea that an entire gender is useless should be offensive to everyone.)

The quibble I have is:

however, they can still do DIY, though not always successfully as almost half (46 per cent) admit they have hurt themselves while doing so.

Oh noes, I hurt my finger!

That’s part of the point. How are we to get manly scars if we don’t hurt ourselves? I get hurt doing stuff sometimes: I hit my knuckles under the car, while mowing or using the weed-eater debris hits me and occasionally draws blood . I do too much and my muscles get sore… etc. It’s part of the experience and also a learning experience. Nothing teaches you faster that you need to wear long pants when weed-eating by gravel than pain.

It’s the difference between being an adult and a litigious chode. A grown ass man (or woman) can be doing a task, mess up, and say, “Hm. That stings. Maybe I won’t do that again.” Whereas a litigious jerkward says, “Hm. That stings. Let me call that lawyer who advertises during daytime television!”

Also, getting hurt isn’t the end of a project unless you’re the world’s biggest pussy. The last time I got hurt doing a project was my own fault: I was loading wood from the stack onto the wheeled apparatus that Lowes has, didn’t pay enough attention, and cut my arm with a rough bit of wood. This was the beginning of that day. It was four hours of sweating into a bloody cut later before I finished. Who quits working over an owie?

A spokesman for Frank’s Red Hot, a sauce brand which carried out the survey, said

AHA! Frank’s Red Hot, the hot sauce for people too weak for genuine Tabasco sauce*. I tried it once. The entire bottle went to waste after the first use. It’s not spicy and tastes like someone peed into the bottle after drinking a gallon of Buffalo sauce.

So what’d Buffalo Pee say?

‘In fact, time seems to have stood still for many men when it comes to skills like ironing, shopping, multi-tasking and keeping up with fashion.’

Men’s fashion is done. It’s finished. It was finished years ago. All the new stuff is just rich homosexuals (not that there’s anything wrong with that) trying to make another million (nothing wrong with this, either). Suit, tie. Jeans, shirt. No low-riding, please.

Fashion in general has been done for a while. That’s why each decade, a new old decade comes back among teens who think they’re original.

Multi-tasking? Like texting and driving?

Shopping is easy. Store has what Og wants, Og goes to store, Og gets what Og wants, Og pays, Og leaves.

* Yes, I know about Srirachi and I use it, but sometimes the flavor (not heat) of Srirachi drowns out the flavor of what I’m eating; this is great for cheap, crappy food, but not necessary with better food that I want to taste with just a bit of a kick. A man can’t live by Srirachi and pizza alone.