Beer Review Week: Abita’s Andygator

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Abita is a local(ish) brewery down here, and they’ve got some pretty decent beers. They also make a fairly decent root beer. Today’s selection to go with dinner was their Andygator.

The beer pretty much lives up to the description at their site. It’s a darker gold color than the Beck’s I described yesterday, in color. It didn’t produce as much head but the head was white.

It does indeed smell a little fruity. But there’s no fruit taste, which is good — I’m not sure that I’m in favor of that sort of thing. The flavor is best described as smooth and it is not very hoppy. (I view this as a Good Thing.)

I had it with a fairly spicy dinner (aided by Cayenne Pepper), and it did a good job of washing away the heat when I was too aggressive. The higher alcohol content doesn’t hurt it at all, but I find that most well-made beers have that under control.

Nothing about it stood out, though. Maybe I just don’t notice the fine notes of German hops or something. It didn’t taste watery, but it was just… very neutral. More neutral than the description on the site and bottle indicated. Like with the German Sapphire, it’d be a good summer brew.