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Senator Fishlips

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I hope Fishlips does stay in the Senate, and here are a few of my cynical reasons why. First, let me start by saying replacing Fishlips with a different Democrat does exactly nothing for me or my worldview — it’s still going to be an extremely liberal person opposed diametrically to many of my most important viewpoints, and they are… Read more »

Defending Halloween Decorations

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One of my favorite holidays is Halloween; I enjoy it. I enjoy hokey “scary” movies, I enjoy decorations, I love the fall. That said, this year I haven’t really done much with decorations and I don’t usually. But this judgy shrew demands a reply. Over the past two weeks, dozens of houses in my neighborhood have been draped in felt… Read more »

The Problem With Hollywood.

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Over the last several months it feels like the folks out in Hollywood have ratcheted up their sanctimonious chattering directed at the masses; it’s more than the usual haughty crap we’ve heard from them. I truly think the election of Donald Trump sent a lot of folks over the edge out there, and it’s kind of fascinating seeing some of… Read more »

NFL. Bleh.

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End of the year coming up. Already wrote I’m burned out on politics. Wake up Sunday, the NFL idiots in London kneel during the anthem. Nope. Didn’t watch a minute of football. Won’t be until they remedy this to my satisfaction and Roger Goodell apologizes to the President for being an assclown or is fired. Because when he’s willing to… Read more »

Moral Scolds: The Cult of Perpetual Outrage

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We have entered a strange period in our culture where we’ve decided as a group to run about wearing our shoes on the wrong feet. For several decades we’ve moved art in a decidedly more obscene direction: sexual content and nudity in film and television is off the charts, language is filthier, comedy crosses any line it can find. Video… Read more »

Google and Diversity Politics

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A brief summary of what this is all about, with every effort made not to sensationalize or politicize it: An employee at Google wrote a manifesto of sorts about gender differences and political correctness at Google; this angered several Google employees and people in the general sphere of tech; the employee was then fired. These are the bare facts, and… Read more »

The Media and Honest Mistakes

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Lately, the refrain I’ve seen from several people involved in the national news media — mostly CNN staff, but also a few from the New York Times — has been, “well, we just made an honest mistake. Aw shucks. Can’t we just make a mistake?” Yes. Yes, you can make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. The problem with the “mistakes” made… Read more »

Southern Baptists Reap What They Sowed

Disclaimer: I grew up Southern Baptist, but after a personal run-in with a holier-than-thou pastor/preacher/holyman, I will never again set foot in a SBC church. I have forgiven him, but I understand that I am not welcome. Several weeks ago, some well-meaning, short-sighted folks proposed an anti-Alt-Right measure be taken up by the Southern Baptist Convention. The measure basically bought… Read more »