Chris Christie: “I am unelectable.”

Well, sort of. Via Unc, we have this stupid stance on guns.

“We’ve got to make sure we have public safety, but on the other hand we have to protect people’s rights both as sportsmen and hunters and for self protection too, find the right balance,” Christie told a group of New Hampshire voters at Chez Vachon in Manchester, according to New Jersey newspaper The Record.

Given that the places with the most gun restrictions tend to top the crime lists year after year I think the “right balance” is clear. Allowing citizens the right to own guns and not be afraid of the government as well as criminals is the right balance.

Crime, and gun crime, are not caused by the availability of guns. Much like how telling men not to rape isn’t going to stop any rapes (the men who aren’t rapists don’t need to be told, and rapists clearly don’t care), making guns harder for people who care about the law isn’t going to stop any crime.

While I have adopted my blog-uncle’s stance on guns, I will say that I completely support the right of people to be armed.