Commies, Geneva, and Tahitian Drums

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This week (April 22-28) in 1954…

Senator Joseph McCarthy
On Thursday, April 22nd, Senator Joseph McCarthy (R-Wisconsin), began hearings investigating his claims that the United States Army is soft on communism. These hearings are being televised; early reports are that McCarthy’s tactics and demeanor are not popular with the public. This comes four years after his claim of 200 known communists at the State Department.

The following Monday, the Geneva Conference opened, a joint attempt between the Soviet Union, United States, United Kingdom, France, and the People’s Republic of China to unify Korea and hopefully restore peace in Indochina.

Two days after the start of the Geneva Conference, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles accused China of sending troops to train the Viet Minh guerrillas.

In lighter news, the Tony Martin Show debuted on NBC on Monday. This entertaining variety program is produced by none other than Bud Yorkin and can be seen at 7:30 PM Eastern time every Monday.

On Saturday, the drama Drums of Tahiti debuted, starring Patricia Medina and Dennis O’Keefe. This Technicolor film revolves around Tahitians plotting to rebel against the occupying French, with help from the Britains, during the year 1877. The film is directed by William Castle.

Finally, in Japan, a film called Seven Samurai debuted on Monday. It is proving to be shockingly popular. Some have said it is destined to become a classic.