Compromise is for Pussies and Idiots

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So which are you?

Whenever there are two sides to an issue, reasonable people will agree to some sort of compromise. Despite my heavy handed title, this is perfectly acceptable — when both parties are reasonable. If you are dealing with an unruly child, there is no compromise — they simply must stop screaming and drawing on the wall with crayons. You don’t let them choose to do one, or just draw on that one part of the wall. You make the little brat behave and if they continue to misbehave they have to face the sanctions for their actions. That’s just part of life, and part of being a parent.

Similarly, if you have a spouse that wants to do something absolutely off the wall — like, say, go on a dick-sucking tour in a bus — you can’t compromise there, either. No, not even a dick-sucking tour in a Prius. But in real world examples (if the previous example is one you have encountered I am afraid you made a mistake choosing your spouse), you have to compromise with your significant other. That’s just part of the work that a good relationship will take. There are positions on which you cannot budge, and no reasonable person should expect you to, and positions on which you can — unless you have serious psychological issues.

Often, in politics, the word compromise gets thrown around and people insist that compromise is the best solution. A moderate proposal, meeting in the middle, all that mess. The problem with that comes when on this same issue we already met in the middle once, twice, a dozen times and now we are just inching toward surrender with every passing session of congress. Guns are one such issue, and that’s why I have decided to no longer treat guns as an issue I will debate.

We have already compromised enough, and now you are being greedy. If anything we need to swing back my way a few hundred yards because the situation is ridiculous. Any serious gun owner can name at least one law that is stupid and farcical, and us internet activist types can name dozens. That’s because there are over twenty thousand laws on the books and yet we still have crime.

Another topic on which compromise is brought up is our own privacy. You see, we must keep ourselves safe by allowing Big Brother to investigate our every private communication and thought. They have to maintain access to our e-mails, phone records, texts, you name it. Because terrorism, because for the children. But somehow this access didn’t stop the Boston Bombers. It didn’t prevent Fort Hood, it didn’t prevent the recruiters in Tennessee from being targeted, and it didn’t prevent the latest attack in San Bernardino.

And now, it turns out, the DHS had some warning signs but the investigation was waved off because that would be profiling and we can’t do that.

Well, that’s a load of hogwash if I’ve ever heard it. We have to pull back on an investigation because it might hurt someone’s feelings? Basically, we can now lay the deaths of those in San Bernardino directly at the feet of the Obama Administration and political correctness. Political Correctness kills.

Why should be compromise if we can’t even be protected, if protecting us makes some people uncomfortable?

The government, and the power of the government, has been on a constant expansion since the second world war. Really, it started with FDR and the train has started to pick up steam lately. We give in on more and more, we fall back, we let the Statist have more power. Yet they crave more. Bureaucracy grows like a cancer. The debt grows, the government shambles and can’t even keep up with what it is responsible for. There are millions of non-DOD civilian employees.

The IRS targets people who disagree with the President. The IRS also sends their agents to Disney Land for expensive “conferences” as though there is some great work to be accomplished by putting a lot of tax officials together in one place. The only conferences the government should allow are those for any scientists to meet up — an actual growing, global community with research and new ideas. Not glorified accountants and paper pushers.

The GAO, in the same vein, has parties in Vegas. Did anyone get fired for that? Of course not.

We compromised. Now, the government has stricter rules on civilian employees travel and party time. Lois Lerner gets a full pension. Government employee salaries get frozen, but somehow the IRS gets millions of dollars in bonuses to their employees. Well, I guess that’s a compromise but I’m expecting other agencies to get a little jealous there.

Conservatives have compromised in every presidential election since 1984. The candidate in each since on the Republican side has been a Party Man, an Insider (or the son of an Insider… who did some disastrous things). Bush Sr was no conservative and I’m not sure how he differs from a moderate Democrat. Dole, too. McCain took pride in stabbing conservatives in the back at every turn, and Romney was a liberal Republican governor from Massachusetts who laid the ground work for Obamacare. Gee golly, those guys sure sound conservative.

But we compromised. We went all in for the guys. And… independents couldn’t abandon them fast enough, because nobody likes a wishy-washy idiot. Obama, for all his faults, is a staunch Democrat who truly believes the crap he says. Bush Jr, too — for all his faults, you knew where he stood. McCain and Romney were houses built on the sand. Clinton had a plan and a backbone. Even if they don’t garner support ideologically, people support candidates that seem strong.

This is part of why Trump is so very popular. He can say outlandish things that some of his supporters disagree with, but they stay his supporters because at least he has a spine. If they have to compromise on ideas — and you will never have a candidate you agree with 100% — then they at least won’t compromise on their guy having a full sack.

The Republican party was never a conservative party, not really. In the South, for the longest time, Democrats ruled. Conservative Democrats, not the type out there now. A lot of them survived even after their national Party went Pelosi-insane. The shift happened in a strange way across the nation but the biggest shift was after Nixon. Carter was a disaster of a president, despite being a Southern Democrat, and the Republican party really wanted to run a liberal Republican in 1980. But the populism of Reagan overshadowed their own candidates and he took the nomination — and put Bush in as VP, probably his worst political decision.

Identity politics took a hold of the Democrat party on a national level, and some of their moves were driven by racism (gun control and abortion were both pushed forth from racist beginnings). Somehow the Evangelicals and Southern Democrats began to shift to the Republican Party — likely due to Reagan’s stance on things like taxes and defense — and then liberals began to take over the Democrats. Bill Clinton was the big shift left nationally, then we had leaders like Pelosi and Reid take over after men like Gephardt and Daschle were ousted or retired.

My own congressman for many years, Gene Taylor, was actually quite conservative on many issues. But he voted for Pelosi for speaker in the lead up to the 2010 election, and he was wiped out by a conservative Republican. The national brand of the Democrats was more tainted than expected, and Pelosi was more hated than he realized. He became a Republican about two cycles too late to save himself — had he switched in 2006, he may still be my congressman. But he compromised: I’ll stay a Democrat and vote for Pelosi, while retaining my conservatism.

The thing is, 2010 was only a few short years ago and the ensconced Elite still don’t like the dirty conservative influence on their party. They liked it better when they could run a religious liberal — say, George W. Bush — and make themselves richer and expand the government. They don’t so much like the idea of a real reformer or small government type like Cruz, Paul (either), or any of the untrusted outsiders. They won’t compromise — and reports have surfaced of major party figures saying they’d support Hillary over Trump.

Because Hillary backs their interests. They want amnesty, they want a damaged economy so long as they get that sweet government titty milk in the form of bailouts, they even want gun control — never forget, George W would have signed a new Assault Weapons Ban in 2004, but congressional Republicans dared not send it to his desk before the election. That same bill was what cost the Democrats the House in 1994. You see, the elite won’t compromise, they’ll just fool everyone else into it. McCain wasn’t a Maverick to the leadership.

He just liked to stick it in the back of his own people at every turn. Amnesty? Check. Government surveillance? Check. Bailouts? Check!

Well, he picked Palin — that’s a compromise. A conservative idiot vice president, a role that has little power. Sounds familiar: a conservative idiot vice president won on the ticket in 1988, too. And yes, despite her conservatism, Palin is an idiot. Idiots can be conservative, otherwise Santorum wouldn’t have won Iowa in 2012. Yes, that Santorum, the straight man most concerned with gay anal sex in the history of the world.

Sorry, I don’t want my president to have anal sex on the brain. We suffered enough having one with oral sex on the brain for eight years (though, it’s arguable the current guy is obsessed with anal sex… if the rumors are true).

Compromise is mostly, “give us some of what we want in exchange for your freedoms.” None of the compromise I’m seeing discussed with regards to guns or immigration, or even taxes or government surveillance, actually gives any value to the people giving up something. Making it harder to buy a gun? Limiting ammunition types or rounds per magazine? What are gun owners actually getting out of the compromise?

Not a damn thing — which is why compromise is for idiots or pussies. I’m neither, so I will offer no ground on any issue. Any politician who is willing to sell me out for a nickel and a pat on the head isn’t going to get my support, either. The gun subject has been resolved: we won, and any further action needs to be making the laws more sensible. Like, say, national concealed carry. A license in one state is a license in every state according to the constitution after all.

Immigration is also settled. While we are a nation of immigrants originally, the world has changed. We have a shortage of jobs, to begin with. There’s been a drastic reduction in assimilation among immigrants. And a great deal of immigrants are coming from a place that makes immigration into rape culture. When increased immigration can be directly tied to skyrocketing rape cases you can take your immigration and shove it. There are too many women I care about to be all-right with increased rape. And none of this even touches on the security aspect of it all.

Government surveillance? Settled: giving the power over to them didn’t stop shit, didn’t make us the least bit safer. It just gave some perverts at the NSA the ability to read sexts. Repeal all of that mumbo-jumbo, get a damned warrant, and stay out of our personal lives.

In my entire political life I’ve seen calls for compromise, one after another, and those of us on the right are never getting anything for it. I do not consider the Republican party to be on the right, either — they’re middle, at best. Sure, Europeans are further left and the Democrats might be considered far right in Europe. But I don’t live in Europe and I don’t want to, and I am not going to judge my politicians according to the standards of a people who are now completely inundated with crazy immigrants who have a penchant for rape and terrorism (see Stockholm and Paris, respectively), and they have few legal means to defend themselves.

Clearly, going that far left didn’t work for them.

We compromised on how far left we would go and it’s hurt us severely. Not one more step. We have to resist as much as possible, pull back as much as we can. Fight with everything in our political arsenal to see to it that we don’t become weaker overall. We’re still at the ballot box, but our balance is tipping and we may fall over…

Know this: If the chaos does arise, and more severe action has to be taken, we will remember who stood where, and calls for compromise will be met with a dismissive laugh followed by a short drop and a very sudden stop. The dream that is America is the last stand for so many, and the Republic must be preserved — and nobody’s hurt feelings or stupid objections can outweigh that.