Corey Thomas is kind of a puss. (So is War Machine)

If I were in a situation where someone busted in to a place I was and put a beating on me, then dismissed me, I would not simply flee into the night. Maybe it’s my Irish temper. If I was in a good enough shape to get out of there, I would go as far as my vehicle.

Then I would return and savage the person with my tire iron.

This isn’t just “internet tough guy.” If you are well enough to walk out, you are well enough to swing a tire iron.

Of course, lessons learned in life — if I were to ever be in another situation where I was with someone who had a crazy ex (or not-ex even), I wouldn’t be there without a firearm. Not even if we were “just friends.” War Machine wouldn’t be so tough with a few bullet holes in him. I don’t care how bad you are, how much training you have, a person trained to use a pistol can put one in you faster than you can get to them if they are armed.

Personally, I’m well past thinking men should just white knight and throw themselves on a grenade for just any woman. But when you’re with someone — even just friends, even another guy — you don’t just abandon them. This comes from experience, too. There are times I wish I hadn’t left a situation (but I’ve never got my ass kicked and left), some that stand out more than others. “I should have been/stayed there.” I think about those situations pretty often.

Corey Thomas should, too. But something tells me he won’t — he’ll just keep slinking away. I have no sympathy for him or his injuries.

Oh, and War Machine is a big ole pussy. If you have to go to someone’s house and savage them at knife (or gun) point because of your hurt ego you’re barely worth the bullet I hope ends up in his skull. He’s not a part of my tribe, and he’s not a man. And not just because he beat on a woman — doing that to anyone is cowardly. I say this as a person who believes with all my heart sometimes people are just begging to catch a beating. War Machine is — and I hope it stings. What he did was a cowardly way to handle the situation.

I feel the same way about when a pack of people attacks one — yeah, you hurt them, but it wasn’t something to brag about. It took a whole pack. The only time that sort of mob justice is all right is when the person is clearly evil. If a dozen people had ganged up on and beat the piss out of Stalin I would have been okay with it, or a guy like Ted Bundy… but just someone who pisses you off? Cowardly.

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I have a soft spot for just violence. If it were up to me and someone hit or even insulted your woman/children/family you’d be legally justified in throwing a fair beating their way. Maybe that’s why Andrew Jackson is my favorite president: A man insulted his wife and he killed the bastard for it.