Debate Thoughts

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Quick and dirty

– John Kasich didn’t even get two sentences in before reminding us that his dad is a mailman. Rubio isn’t the only repeater.

– Is Rubio running for president or Micro Machines guy?

– Cruz hit Trump a lot, when he needs to take out Rubio. If Cruz can finish first/second in most of the Super Tuesday contests and Rubio never gets above third (I think Kasich is going to get second in at least one state), then it becomes increasingly hard to push Rubio as the alternative.

– Ben Carson should drop out and endorse either Trump or Cruz. He’s never had a chance.

– Trump may or may not have won; that probably comes down to person preferences. But he weathered some severe attacks and had a few good moves: “choke artist” “I’m the only one to ever hire anybody.”

– I’d like to see an analysis of the start of a response to the bell dinging by candidate. I have a feeling that it was longer for Rubio, but it may just be that the fast-talking Grahamite got so many words in.

Oh, and Hugh Hewitt is a ten thousand year old mummy, right? Because that guy looks like he’s dessicated.