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Truth in the Fog of Media

The media over the last two days has been a hilarious, screeching ball of nutbags. They’ve been giving extra time to Clinton surrogates and now, after mocking Trump for his conspiracy theories, they are engaged in their own. Here’s what we know:

– Hillary used a private e-mail server. This violated at the very least the Freedom of Information Act (well, potentially).
– 33,000 (or so; I’ve never seen an exact count) e-mails were deleted after a subpoena was issued. This is (at best) obstruction of justice.
– Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch met in a secret meeting on a tarmac. This violates no laws explicitly, but the optics are poor.

These aren’t in dispute, except by the nuttiest of nutbags.

Here’s what we can assume:
– The e-mail server wasn’t cooked up to only use one device. Every modern device can check multiple e-mails.
– Those 33,000 e-mails weren’t all about yoga and weddings; even if they were, you can’t decide what is or is not evidence.
– That meeting wasn’t about their grandkids.

After Comey sent a letter to several Congressmen last week the media and Democrats (but I repeat myself) went into attack mode, claiming he was (so far) in cahoots with Republicans, Trump, and the Russians. Then, they started this odd conspiracy theory that Trump is working with the Russians and that the FBI is investigating. Clinton claimed the letter only went to Republicans (surprise, Clinton lied again), and then called for all of the e-mails to be released. Even though the chances that some of them contain Official Use Only type information (secret or not) are pretty high.

About that Russian claim, so far the most evidence I’ve seen of this has been from Harry Reid. That, in and of itself, disqualifies the story to a thinking person: Reid is the same liar who made claims about Romney’s tax cut he knew were false, on the Senate floor, in order to influence an election. Reid is a liar and a piece of garbage, and anything he says should be confirmed with a non-biased, reliable, human source: even if he tells you the time, or the color of the sky. There’s no worse example of the hypocrisy and lies in Washington than Harry Reid.

The clamoring for the FBI to attack Trump is also quite ridiculous. It’s like a child asking their parent to break their sibling’s toy, because their own toy was broken. That’s not how life works. Where was this insistence on fair play, on sources, on reliability, during the two plus week period where every woman got free reign to accuse Trump with zero attempt to verify the source?

There are, of course, things we don’t know about Trump and the Russians. We may never know — the problem with this line of thinking is that it could just as easily be pointed at any candidate. You can’t prove a negative, nor can you disprove it. That’s not how life works, either. Prove I didn’t eat a cookie five minutes ago. Go right ahead.

You can’t, unless I give you some reliable video of me. Prove how I actually think, or what is going on in my head right now. Not possible; it never will be, because even mind-reading technology would be subject to failures. The media and Democrats are going for this precisely because they know it can’t be proven one way or another. It’s an attempt to generate smoke where there is none because their candidate is burning.

Like a Disco Inferno

Another media story that may or may not gain strength is something published this week by Time. A female professor claims that the e-mail scandal is only happening because Clinton is a woman. This is the same tired old “war on women” lie that the Democrats love to propagate — and it’s nonsense. Clinton broke the law, and she’s surrounded herself with corruption for decades. Comey isn’t a bully, he’s just a sort of goofus. The only bullies in this campaign are those paying mentally unstable folks to attack Trump supporters. This line of thinking — “because she’s a woman!” — should be disregarded as the strategy of a loser without any solid ground to mount a comeback. (It is also a preview of what we’d be in for during a Clinton presidency: every disagreement would be “because she’s a woman.”)

One other thing we know: The Clinton Campaign is in disarray and they’ve got nothing. The constant refrain has been that any accusation against them is a conspiracy theory — like, say, that the primary was rigged (oops, says Donna Brazile), or that the media coordinates with her (oops again — thanks to Wikileaks, we know this is NOT a conspiracy theory) — while at the same time engaging in actively imagining the nuttiest possible conspiracy theories against their opponents. How likely is it that the director of the FBI is working in coordination with the Kremlin?

If you like conspiracies, you’ll love the one in my book, The Boots Are Red. You’ll also enjoy it because a former fighter pilot investigating a murder and crime syndicate is more believable than the mainstream media.