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Paris Climate Talks are bad for the climate. I’ll start believing in climate change when the people who are pushing it start acting like our (and their) actions make a difference.

The Gun Homicide rate is down, but you wouldn’t think it based on the hot air coming out of the media and President Petulance.

The Death of Male Heroism — which is why we need fiction with strong male characters, like the kind I write!

MHI Logo Rifles Upset Pussies. I went with a shorter title than Larry.

How To Make Money By Being Yourself.

Ed reviews How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams.

  • I read the Larry post. I just can’t see how people can get angry about a purely cosmetic change to a rifle. It’s like they just enjoy being outraged.

    I’d consider buying one if I didn’t live in Australia.

    Also, thanks for the link.

    • Yeah, I’m not totally aware of the specifics but I’ve heard you guys have some seriously strict laws re: guns.

      Anytime; that book sounds very interesting and I intend to read it myself. … Eventually!

      • The AR-15 is banned here because it has a “military” appearance. We’re also limited to a magazine capacity of 10 rounds and there’s a Glock made just for Australia because the barrel length has to be under a certain length.

        I’m all for introducing laws that make things safer, but I have no idea how any of these laws reduce risks. They’re laws that on the surface make it look like the government is doing something but in reality do nothing but inconvenience legitimate sports shooters.

        I’m currently in the long process of getting my pistol license. There’s a number of hoops you need to jump through. But what I’ve found interesting is there are laws that are very strict but then there are laws that are much more relaxed than I expected.

        • Ecch, we did a similar thing for a little while — the Assault Weapons Ban from 1994-2004 banned new guns based on a few cosmetic features. There were other features that weren’t just cosmetic, but none of them really made guns more dangerous, and none of the guns were commonly used in crimes anyway!

          It seems like there are a whole lot of laws designed to look like they’re doing something.

          Good luck with the paperwork, hoops, and animal sacrifices.