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They Were Wrong Because They Were Liars

Students warned: Bulging biceps, big guns advance unhealthy masculinity — a bunch of crap, and the topic of a future post.

This Royal Throne of Feels, This Sheltered Isle, This England

Vox is wrong – we don’t have too many guns, we have too many criminals, in which ESR pokes the third rail with a copper stick. There’s a few other things we could do to lower crime and other issues, particularly in inner cities. But ending the life-destroying (and extremely racist) war on drugs would certainly help. Of course, gun control was also born of racism. And the subtle racism of low expectations has ruined families. So yeah — if we could just stop the left from being so damned racist…

Larry Correia is finally a modern man

Matt Forney is offering his services. While I’ve yet to buy anything from Matt other than his books, he does do very good work and his books are very good and informative.

Drive on by Amazon and check out The Boots Are Red