Drive-by Blogging — Is This Bitch Serious? Edition

Oh noes, save us from animated jiggling boobs; TLDR: this guy wants FX to be a premium channel because he’s not a good enough parent.

The reason the FCC doesn’t regulate cable is because it’s not broadcast. Stuff going over the airwaves is subject to their reach. Things that have to be delivered on custom hardware (cable/internet, modems/cable boxes) aren’t subject to their reach. Also, what’s with Breitbart publishing this mess?

More proof Democrats don’t understand math; TLDR: Fauxcohontas says we should give Seniors (and Vets, but mostly Seniors) a “CEO style raise.” Because money just grows on the tree of bureaucracy.

Young, ditzy actress is young, ditzy; TLDR: Jennifer Lawrence won’t be a Republican because some people oppose gay marriage and on-demand abortion. Quote: “I grew up in Kentucky. I know how they are.”

Yet she brandishes her “oh I’m just a normal girl from Kentucky, tee hee” bullshit when it fits her purposes (then goes on television to talk about owning a butt plug because it’s been too long since people were talking about her).