Flames, Flesh, Captain Marvel, and a Coup

On May 1st, Flame and the Flesh, a remake of the French film known as The Kiss of Fire, debuted to thrill audiences. Starring Lana Turner as Madeline, a visitor to Naples. Madeline has an eye for men and is known to get by on her looks. While staying in a room provided by well-meaning Ciccio, a young composer, she meets Nino, and trouble ensues…

Tom Tyler, best known as Captain Mavel in The Adventures of Captain Marvel (1941), died on Saturday. He was fifty and had been in films since the 20s, mostly Westerns. He was also The Phantom in 1943.

General Alfredo Stroessner overthrew President Federico Chaves in Paraguay in a coup d’etat on Tuesday. Tomas Romero is serving as interim president with the promise of an upcoming special election to fill the remainder of Chavez’s term.

On Saturday, Sun Myung Moon founded the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity. This new offshoot believes that Jesus Christ appeared before Moon in 1935 to ask him to finish the work of Christ. They aim to unite all Christian denominations under their teachings.