Halestorm’s Apocalyptic is… Red Pill, to say the least.

I’m just going to quote the lyrics and offer a few short thoughts:

I wear my nine-inch heels when we go to bed
I paint the color of my lips blood red
I get so animal like never before

Presenting, making herself up the way he wants her to (personally, nine-inch heels sound stupid, but whatever), implied roughness (“so animal”).

So you press play and I hit record

She’s going to remember this.

Most of the chorus is just rhyming about how the relationship has failed, but:

We’re not us anymore
But there’s still one thing we’re good for

Alpha Widow.

I’ll give you one last night
So make it twisted
Give you one last shot, go on and hit it
Give you one last time to make me miss it

Alpha Widow. Again.

Give me a red hand print right across my ass
I’m leaving scratches up and down your back
Throw me against the wall, bite me on my neck
Like end of the world, break-up sex

Rough sex, which is argued as the hidden preference by Red Pill types. I mean, clearly — this is about rough sex. Biting, scratching, “A red hand print right across my ass.” Also, the most common refrain is “love me apocalyptic” which sounds like serious rough stuff.

‘Cause no one does it better
No one knows me better

The first half of Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks. No one does it like the Alpha, for this soon to be Alpha Widow.