Intent, Cowards, E-Mails

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Many times I’ve written that intent is important for many crimes, and it should be — the concept of mens rea, “guilty mind”, is common in western laws. While not encoded as a constitutional protection it should well be: breaking a law a reasonable person wouldn’t think is a law, on accident and resulting in no harm… why waste time and a prison cell on that?

Today, the directory of the FBI, James Comey, said they found evidence laws were broken but not intent. Therefore they will recommend no charges.

But how can you have “no intent” to break the law when the server itself was breaking the law? How can someone not intend to spread marked classified information when it is marked?

A person in politics long enough to become Secretary of State ought to be able to use her brain and know better.

Honestly, I don’t have much left in me to ramble about this right now. She broke the law. The law spells out that recklessness is a violation of the law. Her intent shouldn’t matter. But the FBI did make one thing perfectly clear:

She’s not going to be indicted for her actions, but Hillary Clinton is too stupid to be given control of anything top secret.

She’s too stupid to control the nuclear codes.

She’s too stupid to negotiate with our enemies.

She’s too stupid to be the signature on new laws.

She’s too stupid.

We cannot afford stupid right now.

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