It Can ALWAYS Be Worse

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To be very blunt, this morning sucked. I got up earlier than on time but I was sluggish. Crap kept going wrong — nothing major, but it still kind of stunk. By the time I was on the way to work I decided to listen to some seriously heavy music. I’m really sore and don’t want to do any working out today.

Within an hour of getting here I talked to two co-workers who have it worse than me. It sounds weird to say “I felt better.” I genuinely like these two, so I didn’t take any solace in their suffering — but it did put my minor annoyances in perspective. Then came a meeting that made me feel worse about everything in general.

But it could be worse.

Even that sounds kind of negative and defeated. “This DOES suck, but it could be worse!” That sounds like a mediocre at best life. So:

Fuck that.

It will be better. I will make it better. What’s that saying I heard somewhere?

“A man is either killed or he gives up, he’s never defeated.”

Nothing going on now can defeat me.

I will win. I will make it better.