Links, Links Baby.

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Hot-shaming at a gym. Not a skanky outfit, or anything, and she’s maybe a 7; what kind of Diet Coke snorting mongrels were intimidated?

ATF slapped down. Hopefully the first of many times. (The ATFs guns are responsible for more deaths than the guns of everyone I know.)

For a time machine and a few grand… How Coleco Scored Donkey Kong.

Tax Day Customer Service. I wish Correia could have seen the ogres I had to deal with when trying to get anything straightened out at college.

Our most favored Manosphere blogger trolled the manosphere and made money off it. I’m not surprised; if my name were Jane Lawson I’m sure I’d get a ton more attention. … Hm.

This post is light, as is posting, as I’m doing writing for fun and profit.