Monster Hunter Legion Review

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Well, Monster Hunter Legion was easily one of the most tense books in the series. For one basic reason: It wasn’t clear which character(s) Correia might be shuffling off the mortal coil. Each book seems to put our favorites in more mortal danger than before with higher stakes (pun somewhat intended); by the end of the series readers are going to be experiencing the vapors like Aunt Pittypat.

The Good
As always this was a well written, quick read. It’s hard for me to put a good book down; especially the action scenes, or the cliff-hanging chapters. With each addition to the series, there are more likeable characters — and not likeable villains. The pacing is pretty good; the ending pays off on all that tension. Despite returning to the viewpoint of Owen Pitt, Correia does a great job of building up the characters.

The Bad
Despite the great ending, I was not a huge fan of what this book’s ultimate nemesis turned out to be; it felt like it lacked something the previous badguys had going for them. (But then again, Alpha had possibly the coolest badguy in the series.)

The Ugly
The bill MHI is getting from that one hotel.

Short story even shorter: This book is as good as the rest of the series, if not better: as the larger story comes together, the narrative begins to click into place.

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