Monster Hunter Vendetta

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Well, after the rush of Monster Hunter International, I jumped right in to Monster Hunter Vendetta.

Wow. Okay, as before, the Good/Bad/Ugly.


As before, the book in non-stop action. There aren’t dull points. The book keeps going and nailing you with plot and character development. Despite that, he manages to be very descriptive (not always a feature of first-person narratives). There are actually quite a few very touching, moving moments between the characters and the scenes fit well within the larger context. Not everyone can nail touching scenes in the middle of a novel about fighting the undead and other supernatural forces. Correia nails it.

Also, there’s a few goofs on the IRS spread out in the book and as a taxpayer: AMEN.


As before, the book is non-stop action. The last quarter or so of the book is basically one long series of ass-kickings. I enjoyed it — but I need a cool down period. As before, there’s a lot of gun description — the only scenes I started to skim.

There was a bit more of a focus on just Owen Pitt, which was the aim I guess but I felt like some of the secondary characters got kind of stuffed in a locker for great swaths.

But, all in all, not much to criticize.


Owen Pitt, still.

All in all, I recommend this book — especially if you liked the last book and also have a pulse. Get it at Amazon: