NNWM Update, Misc

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Ugh. I went from a few thousand words ahead, to just a few hundred short, to entirely underwater. I must reverse this trend or I’ll have a negative word count by December 1.

– Is the proper term populist nationalist or the reverse?

– Has anybody put a suicide watch on the incredibly sad adult sized children from Hollywood?

– If the rumors of two to three million illegals voting are true, then Trump won thr popular vote by several million. Sorry, libs, nobody believes illegals voted for Trump. Whatever the final illegal vote count 90% need to be subtracted from Hillary’s numbers.

The above does not cover dead or other fraudulent votes. I honestly believe when all is said and done real voters picked Trump by a margin of two or three million.

– A kind reminder: if you were a media or political hack calling the election for Clinton in the weeks and days prior to the vote, we don’t care what else you think might happen. You’re an idiot.

– Second reminder: liberals and NeverTrump types don’t get to set the agenda, and it’s not on our side to apologize or mend fences. Victor, spoils, and all that. The compromise comes 100% out of your asses.