Hurricane Audrey — Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 The girl in the painting looked alive, but Anderson knew she wasn’t. Her eyes, in the painting, carried an orange-yellow glow in addition to their natural blue. She looked at the viewer, her arms tied behind her back, her bare breasts spilling forward, her blond hair framing her face as though it were a portrait all its own…. Read more »

Review: Influence by Robert Cialdini.

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Today I’m going to briefly review Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Revised Edition, by Dr. Robert Cialdini. There’s a reason Cialdini is the man Scott Adams refers to as the Godzilla of persuasion, and regularly recommends his book (see the Scott Adams Persuasion Reading List here): Cialdini literally wrote the book on persuasion. Influence is that book, the foundation upon… Read more »

Review: Sinner Man

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Sinner Man by Lawrence Block

During a glance around the Amazon pages for hardboiled and/or detective novels, I came across a few gems I felt the need to put on my reading list. After having finished my more serious, real-world reviews (How to Fail at Almost Everything, Art of the Deal, Gorilla Mindset, and MAGA Mindset), I decided to finish up another bit of fiction… Read more »

Gorsuch! Winning.

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Not Tired Yet Been a busy day but I just want to offer a few quick thoughts on why Gorsuch is a great nominee, and why he’ll be confirmed: – He was confirmed unanimously. This is the major reason I think he’ll be confirmed. But I do expect hemming and hawing. – He’s young (49), which means he’ll be on… Read more »

Hurricane Audrey — Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 The doctors insisted on checking me out before allowing me to leave. Apparently the debris did a number on my appearance — at least, I hoped thats all it was. Before they released me, Elmira made it to the hospital and he was steamed. “What were you doing there?” Elmira demanded. “Saving those cops’ lives,” I said. “We… Read more »

Review: How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big

When I first read this book, I took a few notes/made a few bookmarks in order to make sure I remembered everything I wanted to cover. But then I found I needed more notes, because I hadn’t adequately prepared myself — so I thought I’d skim. Several times, I found myself reading entire chapters again when all I meant to… Read more »