Defending Halloween Decorations

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One of my favorite holidays is Halloween; I enjoy it. I enjoy hokey “scary” movies, I enjoy decorations, I love the fall. That said, this year I haven’t really done much with decorations and I don’t usually. But this judgy shrew demands a reply. Over the past two weeks, dozens of houses in my neighborhood have been draped in felt… Read more »

The Problem With Hollywood.

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Over the last several months it feels like the folks out in Hollywood have ratcheted up their sanctimonious chattering directed at the masses; it’s more than the usual haughty crap we’ve heard from them. I truly think the election of Donald Trump sent a lot of folks over the edge out there, and it’s kind of fascinating seeing some of… Read more »

Dealing with the Weather While Under It.

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Thursday I started to feel a little… off. My throat and chest weren’t so great. I took some over-the-counter stuff to push through the day — thanks, methheads — and made it through. Then I felt a little better on Friday but could tell I was in for some sort of sinus-related body rebellion. This will be the first of… Read more »

NFL. Bleh.

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End of the year coming up. Already wrote I’m burned out on politics. Wake up Sunday, the NFL idiots in London kneel during the anthem. Nope. Didn’t watch a minute of football. Won’t be until they remedy this to my satisfaction and Roger Goodell apologizes to the President for being an assclown or is fired. Because when he’s willing to… Read more »

Moral Scolds: The Cult of Perpetual Outrage

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We have entered a strange period in our culture where we’ve decided as a group to run about wearing our shoes on the wrong feet. For several decades we’ve moved art in a decidedly more obscene direction: sexual content and nudity in film and television is off the charts, language is filthier, comedy crosses any line it can find. Video… Read more »


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I’m tired of politics. I’m tired of this fiscal year. I’m tired of staring at a blinking cursor and not writing. I’m going to sit down, read, and drink some bourbon.

A Profitable Day

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Taking today off has turned out to be an excellent decision. In addition to getting a few annoying bits of work out of the way, I’ve also managed to write close to 3600 words — and it’s only just after 2. That’s nowhere near my record (I believe in writing the end of Prisoners of Sorcery, I approached twelve thousand… Read more »

Game of Thrones: The Predictions and the Wolf.

As is standard practice: Spoilers for the latest episode. Wow. While I wouldn’t say the finale was perfect, the end of the seventh season was certainly interesting. “He needs to know the truth about himself.” Let’s start from the start: The Dragonpit/King’s Landing: The lead up to this scene was a nice reminder of which characters were buds with which,… Read more »