Rain, Rain, Go Away (And Health, and Taxes)


There’s been more rain lately than articles on CNN and WaPo about how crazy we are to wonder about Hillary’s health. Fortunately my area has not flooded, but I feel for the folks in neighboring Louisiana. It was a good move for Hillary to visit them over the last we- oh, she didn’t? She went to a Hollywood fundraiser?

Are we sure she didn’t get her catheter bag replaced?

I know a lot of people want to claim it’s not our business, it’s sexist, or all this other crap but to be blunt: If a president has an illness that might impact his or her mental state (or require drugs that do) then it needs to be common knowledge. People say Trump doesn’t have the temperament to be President, but can we really afford someone flying off the handle because the medicine or the illness is causing her to believe people are our enemies? Do we trust the 25th amendment to act fast enough?

It’s way more important than taxes. Nobody audits health. If the IRS finds that Trump violated tax law then the organization has ways to handle that — no official organization investigates how healthy someone is every year. There’s no form.

And after what happened when the IRS unfairly targeted Tea Party groups if someone thinks for a moment the IRS wouldn’t have slammed Trump every year since he picked up Hillary’s birther mantra… I’ve got some ocean front Montana property for that idiot.