Status Update And Such

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Just a few quick points:

– I’ve managed to stick to the low-carb, no-junk thing pretty well, but had a bit of trouble over the weekend. Going forward I’m going to be better about it, but I’m making progress. The biggest thing at this point that I’ve noticed: we are fucking surrounded by products loaded in sugar and HFCS.

– Motivation and will-power might as well be actual muscles. Sometimes they get tired.

– I quite miss not having a laptop. Hopefully my replacement gets here soon. There’s a flexibility there I didn’t realize was THAT big a deal.

– The next book review will likely be another Dresden novel. I think I’m approaching the point in the series where I went nuts reading them, so I’m excited to review that.

– Hurricane Audrey is going to wrap up in a few weeks — by the end of April — and after that I think I’ll start writing something “completely different” for the site.

– I’m trying to avoid commenting on politics, because the news is so repetitive. I feel like anything I have to say about it will be repetitive. Because nothing new is happening lately — just constant “Russia, Russia!” BS.

I’ll check in again after resting my motivation and will-power muscles.