That was fun — Voting Edition

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I voted today — probably the only guy with a beard and a Bruins jersey on in the state — and did two different write-ins: Chris McDaniel for Senate and Gene Taylor for House. Here’s why:

— McDaniel: He should have won the primary outright, he should have won the runoff. Trickery on the part of the Cochran campaign and state party to back the Good Ole Boy/Establishment Guy cost him. I will never vote for Thad Cochran again; I might not ever straight out vote for a Republican candidate in the state.

— Taylor: Well, I wasn’t voting for the Democrat party, but I refuse to vote for the Republican candidate either after what the state party did in the Senate race.

The rest of it was all local stuff — sheriff, judges, and one statewide measure (“should hunting and fishing be a constitutional right?” Yeah, why not?). I voted for a guy I figure has a shot, but not a great shot, of winning the sheriff’s seat, and most of the judges were uncontested seats. A few I voted for because I know (of) them — one judge I was a juror in a trial for, and he was fair and earned my vote (even though he was unopposed).