Trump Tape & Debate Thoughts

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Buckle Up

Before I talk about the debate, I want to address the Trump Tape. Briefly: the dude went on Howard Stern many times, as a private citizen, and spoke of all sorts of sexual stuff. This should surprise nobody, and the pearl-clutching, moralistic hypocrites and pantywaists in Never Trump ought to very well be ashamed of their stupid behavior.

Also, rumors are that a Paul Ryan/Romney gremlin named Dan Senor and his wife Campbell Brown were behind leaking the audio, which puts the Never Trump/GOP Elite right in the crosshairs for retaliation. Never forget the Paul Ryan and Ben Sasse connection to Denny Hastert and their possible covering up of his molesting young boys.

That’s right: the prudish pantywaists distancing themselves from Trump right now have very real links to a convicted child molester.

Some winners you picked there, GOP Elite.

It’s time to fight fire with fire and to go after these weasels. Any scandal, no matter how small. Any tiny little infraction. If you want to set the standard and you want to pretend to be so very moral and upright: then you better fucking hope you are. I cannot wait for people to dig into Dan Senor’s past, his dealings, his life. I guarantee there’s a skeleton or two there — because everyone has skeletons and secrets. Now he’s put himself in a position where his every indiscretion is fair game.

Game on, cucks.

Further, if the GOP Elite/Never Trump movement manage to get Hillary elected, I will never again vote for their shit-sandwich. I would vote for Hillary over Paul Ryan at this point. I’m going to send my local representative a letter: if you vote for Ryan, I will never vote for you.

I’m never again going to contribute my vote to a party that is so sleazy, so filled with weasels that will do anything for their globalist agenda. (I also guarantee that Paul Ryan has been bought — either with actual bribery or graft, or by threatening him with whatever secret he has. That makes him dangerous.)

I would urge any Trump supporters to not vote for down-ballot Republicans who come out against Trump. Write a name in, or vote third-party. Personally, I’ll be writing “Pepe” in for any race with a hypocrite elitist as the Republican “nominee.”

The Debate

Donald Trump won the debate.

You can whine like Sarah Silverman about where he stood all you want. You can fact check every word he said through a liberal filter, like NBC — who corrected the obvious hyperbole of “acid wash” because the software was actually “BleachBit” and said “She did not use corrosive materials on her server.” At this point, all of those people are clearly in need of mental evaluation. An inability to grasp sarcasm and hyperbole is a clear indicator of the autism spectrum. Don’t worry, NBC — the train is fine.

First of all, whichever handler told Hillary to smirk and laugh inappropriately through the debate needs to be taken out to the woodshed (this is hyperbole, NBC-types). She laughed at some oddly inappropriate moments, she grinned and smirked like a Detective Comics villain, showing her weird teeth constantly. At best she came across like a smarmy schoolmarm. No one likes a smirking, know-it-all authority figure. At worst she came across like the raving moonbat she is.

Second: “Because you’d be in jail.” That was the line of the night. It was the most memorable. Of course, a bunch of whinging schoolboys have been out in force decrying his attempt to threaten his political opponents, but all the adults in the room understand it isn’t about her being his political opponent: It’s about her being a damned criminal. Trump didn’t threaten a special prosecutor because she’s running against him, he threatened it because she’s corrupt and has gotten away with murder (hyperbole — maybe).

Also, it takes a lot of balls for anyone to accuse Trump of threatening to use the full force and weight of the government against his enemies when the current administration HAS ACTUALLY DONE SO.

And aside from that, while the crybaby schoolboys of the media, Democrat party, and Never Trump movements see him threatening her with prosecution as bullying, the majority of Americans see it as a damn breath of fresh air. For too long politicians have gotten away with murder (literally) and nearly every scandal. The only thing to take most down is an old joke about politics: “he’d have to be found with a dead girl or a live boy to lose re-election.”

Think about the politicians to fail hard in these United States. They’ve had wide-stances or been convicted of molesting children. Everything else seems to get a pass. In the case of Hillary Clinton, things she’s done have resulted in no problems for her but ruined lives for regular Americans. Bill Clinton has been accused of rape more than any politician and most celebrities in our history (all, save Bill Cosby), and at the very least he’s a super predator: Monica Lewinski was a young intern, subordinate to the President of the United States.

By the left’s own definitions, she can’t truly consent. Yet there’s an official government document explaining how he inserted a cigar into her vagina. Not said stuff about grabbing someone by the pussy — actions. And what was Hillary’s response to this and every other thing he did? She went after the woman. She went after an intern in her twenties who went along with the sexual advances of the most powerful man in the world.

So yeah — Trump said some stuff people don’t like. Bill did it, and Hillary attacked his victims. Trump called Rosie O’Donnell a pig (a hyperbolic, but true, statement). Hillary deleted thirty thousand e-mails after receiving a congressional subpoena. Trump made fun of that gasbag Megan Kelly. Hillary called for the Russian reset. Trump shot back, harshly, at the airheaded John McCain — but Hillary left our ambassador and other Americans to die brutally in Benghazi.

After Trump wins in four weeks it is time to purge the right of the pretenders, the anti-American scum, the moralistic hypocritical weasels.