Two Forgettable Smokes

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I don’t usually write about cigars I don’t like; I’d rather not say something, if I don’t have something nice to say. But today I’ll be talking about two smokes I didn’t really care for. It’d be dishonest not to mention them, and a possible disservice. The two are both from pretty well known brands and a lot of people seem to like them so it’s possible I got bad sticks. But they weren’t memorable or anything I intend to purchase again.

The first was a Romeo y Julieta Serie G. This is a big disappointment given that I liked the 1875. But something about this one — the taste just wasn’t good, certainly not worth the cost of the Serie G. The construction and look of the cigar was great, though. It just tasted kind of like it was made of paper. It was really odd given the things I’ve heard about the Serie G, but them’s the breaks. It also seemed to have an issue staying lit. Normally I’d blame this on me, but other cigars from the same humidor have no such issue. At least, not to this extent.

The second, also from a big brand: The Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva. I don’t want to totally bag on this cigar but I’m not sure I have a choice. It tasted like woody dirt. There’s not much worse that can be said about a cigar other than that it exploded while smoking it or gave you chickenpox, and I’m not entirely certain these two results wouldn’t have been better than what actually happened. Seriously, after smoking this cigar I felt like a cartoon character looking down my nose at a perfectly destroyed cigar that had just covered my face in ashes.

I know this is harsh. I know it’s probably just my taste. I’m sure there are cigar snobs out there who love both of these. I’m just not one of them. Would not buy again, basically. I might try one if someone gave it to me, but only after first checking for pockmarks and explosives.