Whenever I Go

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I take off just over ten days and the world goes bananas…

Loser terrorists attack, two unfunny liberal hacks in trouble, and Trump turns from moron to Bond villain in the eyes of the left in one fell swoop.

It wasn’t that long ago that we were all appalled by terrorism in the UK; now we’re all appalled again. Once again, it appears as if the attackers were known to the authorities. Once again bodies weren’t cold before people flung Islamophobia around. Maybe we should take a tactic from the left and create safe spaces for people who don’t want to be blown up by goat-fucking losers.

We can call it “Western Civilization.”

Humor is subjective, and I’ve never found Kathy Griffin all that funny, but this last week she actually made me laugh… when she claimed the Trump family was bullying her. Yeah, you idiotic shrew, when you show someone a decapitated-in-effigy head of their father/husband, people are going to not like it. And Griffin is one of the many who blamed Palin for inspiring violence a few years ago. Nobody in the Trump family called for anything violent or illegal to be done, they just said what you did was in poor taste and disgusting. Which is the truth.

Let’s not pretend for one second that if someone did the same to Barack Obama, or Hillary Clinton during the election, that it would not have turned into a damn-near international manhunt for material to ruin that person’s life.

As for what Bill Maher said, I don’t think it was a big deal but I also don’t pay much attention to him. It’s not even the most offensive thing I’ve heard him say. But that said, he and the others on the left made this bed so I don’t want to stop him from having to lay in it. Same with Griffin. Yeah, free speech — but nobody is on the hook to prop up your bullshit. He’s lucky he’s a liberal, too — otherwise he’d be shunned forever by “polite society.”

As for the Paris Accords, what a joke that thing was to begin with. No enforcement, we had to pay money out, we had to bear a lot of weight, and other countries had it much easier? No goddamn wonder Trump said it was a bad deal. It couldn’t have been worse without requiring us to also flog ourselves and be publicly shamed.

That’s the gist of what I missed. Mostly, though, it was a whole lot of hot air from the media and not a lot of substance.