30 Days of Discipline

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Everyone should do 30 Days of Discipline, Victor Pride’s “Boot Camp for Winners.” Toil at making yourself better alongside me. I’m on my second attempt at 30 days — last time I was cut short by my inner loser. Not this time: I’ve killed that fat bastard.

My muscles ache and burn, and I want to do more.

I blow throw a to-do list, and I crave more.

Today is day five.

More Weight!

I’m more alert. I feel better. Motivation grows like a weed when fed by accomplishment. I feel smarter because I’m actually getting more things done. My body feels better because I’m not being a slug and this feeds into the rest of me feeling better. Also, between this and juicing, I don’t crave crappy food.

I’m 1/6th of the way through and I already feel superior to my old self. In 25 more days I expect to actually be superior to my old self.