Beer Review Week – Blue Moon Rounder Belgian Pale Ale

On Saturday I happened to have my first Blue Moon beer — it was their regular Belgian White, and it was quite delicious for a pale ale. Again, Not My Usual Dark Beer(tm), but still good and certainly better than a (Insert Cheap Big Name Beer) Lite. Today’s selection from the choose your own adventure six pack I got was the Blue Moon Rounder. We’ll skip right to the description now, because I want to do it that way.

I forgot to smell this beer. Oh well. The color is a dark yellow bordering on light orange. More reddish/orange than a Corona, but definitely on the yellow spectrum. The head was a tad yellower than the previous two pale ales I’ve tried this week. Maybe I should describe the beer as a golden brown, but it was more orange looking under my lights than brown.

It was certainly good and carbonated. Not to the extent I felt like I was going to start belching it up, but it was fizzier than the last two. Not as fizzy as a soda, though.

The taste was… much lighter than the previous two. It wasn’t a watery taste, but it wasn’t beery, either. No hops flavor. Just… a fizzy cold drink. Maybe something’s wrong with my tastebuds because I didn’t get the supposed sweet or caramel flavors out of it. Of the three so far, it was my least favorite. If this trend continues by the end of the week I’ll be speaking very angrily of the beers I picked. I’m kind of let down by the flavor, or lack thereof, because I figured it would be the best of the six. So far that honor is the Beck’s Sapphire, which was… the first of the three.

Still better than any (Big Name Beer) Lite I’ve ever had.