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CAO America Potomac

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Wow, what a smoke. I picked up a CAO America Potomac today during lunch, with the intention of smoking it on the way home. This was my first mistake; the cigar lasted longer than the drive. The first thing I noticed about this cigar, other than the pretty Red, White, and Blue artwork, was that it has two shades of… Read more »

The CAO Mx2

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A few weeks ago I picked up a four pack of short, thick CAO cigars.  The Mx2 was one of the four, and one of them I’ve already smoked.  The too long, didn’t read version of this:  It was very nice. To start with the construction — it definitely wasn’t a second. I’ve had a few CAO over the years… Read more »

Happy New Year — and a Cigar Review!

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Happy New Year! As part of my Christmas stocking stuffers, I got a sampler of Travis Club cigars from Finck Cigar Company. This is going to be short since it’s a holiday, but: These are long-filler, well constructed cigars so I’ll jump right into it: The construction of the cigar was pretty good, but they felt a little hollow (for… Read more »

Don Diego Preludes

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Ah, this was a nice find at a local tobacconist. I’ve always wanted to try a Don Diego cigar — admittedly, partly because I’m a huge Zorro fan. I’m also always interested in trying smaller cigars even though my typical preference is a Churchill type because I like a long smoke. These cigars are tiny, at least the ones I… Read more »

The Choosing of, Care and Feeding Of, and General Tips Regarding Legs.

For this month’s Tobacco Tuesday, I need to address the best accompaniment for a cigar. No, I don’t mean Scotch (shock!): I mean the legs, and the woman attached to them (or man, if that’s your thing). They go great together for a variety of reasons. First off, like cigars, legs come in various widths and lengths. I’m more of… Read more »

Why Cigars?

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I wasn’t born smoking a cigar. As someone working his way toward thirty, and someone who never smoked as a teenager, smoking a cigar wasn’t a habit I just transitioned into. Especially not with all the anti-smoking media we’re exposed to. It was very much a choice. Sure, I grew up around a few smokers. I never minded the smell… Read more »