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Nothing Personal. ATF targets mentally challenged — so, themselves? (Yeah you get jokes like that when you give guns to MEXICAN DRUG CARTELS. Even BOYD CROWDER isn’t that crazy.) Tar, feathers, asshole cop — some assembly required. I’ll be honest, I’m linking to this for the picture at the top. Classic. Best book title ever. A wake up call. And… Read more »

Links, Links, Links, get your links…

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Full docket today in celebration of the death of Fred Phelps. George Takai may be taking the high road, but that man was a dickwad and the world is better off without him. Speaking of, Why Women and Gays should not be allowed in male safe space. I agree — if heterosexual men want to chill with other heterosexual men,… Read more »

1950s “Beauty”

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Most everything I’ve written has been either set in the 1950s or on another world that is in the early Renaissance stage of development. As such, I have taken care to try and make sure everything fits. I’ve read more than I care to about cameras and recording devices from the 50s. I’ve read about cars and slang and all… Read more »

Knee Surgery — One Week On

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It’s been almost exactly a week since I was rendered unconscious with the intent of the doctor doing an arthroscopic joint wash on my knee. That was last Tuesday at around 17:15 or so. In the last week, I’ve went from needing a walker to get around (an entirely unsuitable mode of transportation where tight navigation is required), to needing… Read more »

Odds and Ends:

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– Cutting the grass is a great time to smoke a cigar. Preferably not a super fancy one, though, as it can be a little jarring and the smells can interfere with the enjoyment thereof. However, not while pouring gas INTO the lawnmower (as manly as that sounds). – After World War II, there was a lot of productivity and… Read more »

The Choosing of, Care and Feeding Of, and General Tips Regarding Legs.

For this month’s Tobacco Tuesday, I need to address the best accompaniment for a cigar. No, I don’t mean Scotch (shock!): I mean the legs, and the woman attached to them (or man, if that’s your thing). They go great together for a variety of reasons. First off, like cigars, legs come in various widths and lengths. I’m more of… Read more »