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Friday’s Goals.

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Working on today’s 21 Points still, but tomorrow: – Get a scale, so I can weigh myself and track progress/regression. – Measure my legs, around, to see how far off the left is from normal. – Deal with the larger ant issue, now that I dealt with the smaller one. – Make more juice; I’ll need some more tomato for… Read more »

Thursdays Five Goals

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– Fix the button on this one shirt I like. – Wash the juicer. Yeah this is cheaping out but it’s soaking. – Standing desk, half the day. – Knock out the rest of the week’s goals at work. – Edit some of what’s been written for the newest Cigars and Legs book. I am a cold shower and a… Read more »

Wednesday’s Goals:

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– IronMinds, 10 times, each hand, without stopping. (Aha a twist.) – Get up a little earlier (0515), OR, be more productive by 0535. – Make more juice. – Cook, because I put that off by a day. – Tackle my to-do list at work: Get MOST of the “this week” stuff done, period. Even though it’s a Wednesday. –… Read more »

21 Points Change: Word Count on Week Days

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I’m making an adjustment to my 21 points word count goal: Instead of 2k/day and 5k/weekend day it’ll be 1k/day and 4k/weekend day, at least until I get my footing. Otherwise I’ll beat myself up too much when I don’t hit it, and I’m trying to be realistic. However, I won’t be counting blog posts towards the total — only… Read more »

21 Points — So Far Monday 8/18:

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UP @ 0530: DONE. Sleep Mask: Pending. Juicing: DONE. Had frozen it. Talk about a nasty Popsicle. Intermittent Fasting: DONE Supplements: Took ’em today. All of ’em. No ill effects so far. Knee workout: DONE. Bodyweight workout: DONE. Caffeine Regimen: DONE. Meditate: DONE. No Porn, Hussies, Batin’: DONE. No S: DONE. Write 2k/day: DONE. May revise this down for week… Read more »