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Storm Front by Jim Butcher

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Since today is Halloween The first of the Dresden Files, Storm Front is a great introduction to the lead character (Harry) and several of the major players through the series. In addition, Butcher builds a great world for the characters to inhabit. The book (and later, the rest of the series) are filled with moments that made me think, “Man,… Read more »

Review: MAGA Mindset: Making YOU and America Great Again by Mike Cernovich

MAGA Cover

I’m going to jump right into this one: everyone should read this book. Buy it here: MAGA Mindset: Making YOU and America Great Again Mike Cernovich’s latest hit this week, and it’s a great romp through the rise of Trump and the movement behind him: from the reasons why he’s doing well with certain groups, to a surgical take-down of… Read more »

Abandon by Blake Crouch

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Minor Spoilers for review purposes follow In short: Abandon by Blake Crouch is a good thriller, with a decent enough mystery aspect. Over-all, if that’s the sort of book you want to read then it’s for you — but don’t expect the supernatural, as the Amazon categorization is a misdirection for the sake of the mystery aspect, and don’t expect… Read more »

The Boots Come Off: Reviewed.

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The internet’s foremost reviewer, Ed at 52 in 52 Weeks, has reviewed the Boots Come Off. I say foremost because the man is a book reading, book reviewing machine and his reviews throw out all you need to know — without throwing out any spoilers for the fiction — and he’s damn good at picking and reviewing non-fiction, too. By… Read more »

Monster Hunter Alpha

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Back to reviewing books, and before I get to anything non-fiction, here’s a brief review of Monster Hunter Alpha. Warning, possible spoilers, etc etc. For this book, the focus is on Earl Harbinger, and for the most part, it isn’t first person. Earl isn’t on MHI business — he’s going after an old nemesis, and it’s personal. This means he’s… Read more »

Monster Hunter Vendetta

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Well, after the rush of Monster Hunter International, I jumped right in to Monster Hunter Vendetta. Wow. Okay, as before, the Good/Bad/Ugly. Good As before, the book in non-stop action. There aren’t dull points. The book keeps going and nailing you with plot and character development. Despite that, he manages to be very descriptive (not always a feature of first-person… Read more »

Monster Hunter International Review

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On Monday, I finished International (Monster Hunter), by Larry Correia. I had that on my list for quite some time; with my recent motivation I made getting back into reading fiction a priority. Outside of some short Elmore Leonard works, this is the first fiction book I have finished in quite some time. Because I could hardly put it down…. Read more »