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Intent, Cowards, E-Mails

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Many times I’ve written that intent is important for many crimes, and it should be — the concept of mens rea, “guilty mind”, is common in western laws. While not encoded as a constitutional protection it should well be: breaking a law a reasonable person wouldn’t think is a law, on accident and resulting in no harm… why waste time… Read more »


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ASK KUNTZMAN! by Larry Correia. Comment, because his comments won’t work for me right now: If the smell of gunfire made him sick how does his widdwe belly stand the smell of NYC? Diesel engines, car exhaust, subways… Shells disoriented him but those crowds and lights don’t? Great post. I’m still stunned by what a wuss this guy is.

Dilbert’s Fascism: Observance versus Endorsement

Explaining it for Salon Over at the fastest-crashing blog on the internet, Amanda Marcotte stopped twirling her hair and chewing gum long enough to write an odd, disjointed screed against Scott Adams. We’ve covered Marcotte’s problems briefly in the past (on gun control and political correctness), but this snarky exaggeration filled post is just too succulent to ignore.

Trump Wrestling Federation!

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The following program is a parody. Any resemblance of characters contained below is purely intentional humor. As the camera pans over the crowd — which is yuuuge and going wild, it eventually settles on the ring. Standard wrestling ring but with red, white, and blue ropes and turnbuckle pads. One Donald J. Trump stands in center ring, holding a microphone,… Read more »


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I don’t have it in me to write a long post here, today, but I feel the urge to write something. I will note the difference in give-a-shit Obama shows parents of school shooting victims (declares we have to totally change our policies and culture), and those victimized by illegal aliens (totally ignoring them, rather than… enforcing laws on the… Read more »

Pity As A Weapon

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I Pity Many Fools A small thought for the day: Pity, in addition to being the favorite type of party for grievance mongers, is quite the weapon. There are a great deal of people out there beneath your contempt, people that are varying flavors of revolting or annoying, but people you get stuck dealing with. This is because life doesn’t… Read more »

Teachers, Privacy, Nude Pictures, Oh My

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I’ll never get tired of that reference By now most people have heard of the teacher in South Carolina who was fired when a student stole her phone, found private photographs, and distributed them. This led to her losing her job despite having done nothing illegal or even immoral (by any sane standard) and actually being the victim of a… Read more »