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Reality Bites

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In a move that should surprise no one, the Justice Department has arrested someone for leaking classified information. In further not-surprising news, her social media is filled with leftist bullshit (including “being white is terrorism”, in the purest form of white guilt I’ve ever seen). Furthermore, she has a funny name. Now, were I the attorney general, I’d personally take… Read more »

Evil Losers.

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Evil. Losers. When I first heard it I thought it was just kind of a weird, goofy thing the President said. It sounds like an off-the-cuff reaction — I didn’t know what to say when I first heard about the attack, either. First I assumed, naively, that there must have been a pyrotechnic issue. It has constantly become worse —… Read more »

Which is it?

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For the last several months we’ve been inundated with leaks about Trump and Russia. Somehow the government knew when Flynn spoke to the Russian Ambassador. Somehow the government knew this, that, and the other — sometimes “knowing” things we now know are false — but they “knew.” People within the government leaked several things about the President and/or his people…. Read more »

Long day

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To the chickenshit who rear ended me in traffic, and drove off without so much as checking on us: I hope your guilty conscience eats at you and makes you a better person. Everyone is fine. Cosmetic damage to the car. Still quite a sudden, emotionally jarring moment. I did everything right, filed a police report, et cetera. Pretty stupid… Read more »

Anti-American Hollywood Elites

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One Last Post on the Jack Bauer of Assholes Express! Choo! Choo! Today I’ve seen quotes from several out-of-touch, famous and/or rich people talking about the election results. These are far and away more vile than the hate spewed by the likes of Wil “I hate poor people” Wheaton (shut up, Wesley!) — on the one hand, Joss “I LOVE… Read more »