Firing on All Cylinders

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A lot of the times when setting a goal, I’ll decide, “Okay, I’ll focus on this one area. If I lapse somewhere else, that’s okay, as long as I improve here. Once this becomes habit, I’ll work on the next area…”

The problem with this method so far has been that I stall or fall back on everything else and it’s also pretty stressful when the dam is leaking so much in other areas.

So in 2015 I want to fire on all cylinders as much as possible. There is no more “well, this goal…” No. Every day I need to hold myself to a high standard in everything I do. In the coming weeks I’m going to hit harder on the writing, hit harder on the knee rehab, hit harder on losing the extra weight, and hit harder on the blog and the brand. I’m going to be obsessed and I’m going to use my successes to motivate me to succeed in the future — the way that a well timed engine uses multiple pistons to keep in sync and to propel the vehicle forward.

Forward. On all cylinders.