A Troll and a Smear for my trouble

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Because reading comprehension is a lost art

A strange, nonsensical attack comment was left on the Doubling Down post. I responded in the comments but would like to use this opportunity to illustrate the sort of thing I was speaking of when it comes to leftist attacks. It’s all conjecture, projection, and nonsense. It also appears to be copied and pasted, so I am assuming this is a genuine attention seeking troll. I am not responding to give him attention so much as to use it as a teaching moment. The fisk after the jump.

Artists rendition of the poster in question.

Artists rendition of the poster in question.

Am I reading this right? Yes I am reading this right. This is without doubt the worst case of playing hoiler than thou I have ever seen.

You will note the sarcastic, dismissive start: He couldn’t possibly be reading it right. Well, as you’ll see he wasn’t.

Trump “never brought up [Obama’s] race”, yet he was obsessed with having the President release his full birth certificate to prove that he was born in America? What was the point in all of that? Can you recognize the difference between “some voters” and “Donald Trump”? Do you deny that some voters are reacting to the President’s race? Trump has brought up Obama’s race plenty of times.

Ignoring the merits on whether or not Trump is race-baiting, I never said Trump didn’t bring up Obama’s race — the poster is building a straw man. This is one of the favorite logical fallacies of the left and the Establishment Statists. They pretend you are saying something you aren’t, then take apart the pretend argument. I’ve never argued that there aren’t racists, either — the post centered around disenfranchised working class people who are sick of both parties.

It IS because of race, ans your disgusting comments prove that. You ARE a racist, you ARE a bigot, and you ARE a black-hating extremist scumbag that hates being called what you are. Poor dumbass white racist just hate to see a black man pointing out the obvious. conservative comments are always racist, homophobic, xenophobic……Trump is a hypocritical racist, bigot, homophobic, and as of today, a freaking sexist scumbag. and so are his supporters.

Everyone who disagrees: afraid or hateful, there is no room for any other argument. Also, this paragraph contains the first of many ad hominem attacks: I am a racist, a bigot, a black-hating extremist scumbag. Because I support the working class who feel that politicians on both sides no longer have their back. Clearly, there are no black people in this country that feel they are left behind by the Democrats and to suggest otherwise would probably be either racist (hateful) or some flavor of phobic (fearful). This is also the first of many times the clarity of the post fails with typos and issues with flow/message.

I’m not the one on here that’s disparaging the leader of my nation simply because I am a racist or bigot . The failing doesn’t lie with me , but you . He had nothing to do with the timing of this event , but I stillness back him as a fellow American . In time of war you could be prosecuted for giving aid and comfort to the enemy . You are not an American .

What does this have to do with it?  Exactly!

What does this have to do with it? Exactly!

This is the first crystal clear moment when it becomes apparent the poster didn’t read the post he was replying to: I am savaging both parties and their politicians for their treatment of the middle and lower classes. I wasn’t disparaging the president so much as disagreeing with him on the why. Any time someone disagrees with him he assumes it is racism, it can never be an honest disagreement on the merits. More ad hominem attacks and a vague implication I am somehow seditious or treasonous for believing the social policy of our president is harming the citizens. (No such concern was a problem when Bush was the target, I will note as I noted in my reply.)

The American right has got itself in a tizzy since Obama was elected. They decided from day one that they didn’t like him no matter what he did. Since then they have been throwing every scary word they can find at him: Communist, atheist, Muslim, fascist, dictator, etc.

None of these things is something I said in this post, and atheist and Muslim are mutually exclusive anyway. This is the third logical fallacy in the post: an association fallacy, trying to label me by what people on the “American right” have said or done. I am not a part of the “American right” and I find the left/right divide distasteful and stupid. It is the Statists and the rest of us, the Establishment Party and the Citizens. Left and right are fictitious divides designed to empower the bifurcated political party from Washington DC.

>Their supporters, not the most cerebral of people, don’t tend to realize that you can’t impeach someone just because you don’t like their politics and use scary words to describe them

Another ad hominem and then a straw man. I’ve said nothing about impeachment and my disdain for congress is just as severe, if not more so, as my disdain for President Obama.

President Obama isn’t destroying America. Congress has no reason to impeach him and good riddance to bad rubbish.

Scut Farkus! What a rotten name! We were trapped. There he stood, between us and the alley. Scut Farkus staring out at us with his yellow eyes. He had yellow eyes! So, help me, God! Yellow eyes!

I’m a bully I suppose.

President Obama isn’t a Communst, you’re just a racist.
President Obama isn’t a Marxist, you’re just a racist.
President Obama isn’t a Traitor, you’re just a racist.
President Obama isn’t a Terrorist, you’re just a racist.
President Obama isn’t a Muslim, you’re just a racist.
President Obama isn’t evil, you’re just a racist.

I never said any of those things. That’s just a collection of ad hominems and straw men all lined up, as though the word racist is some sort of power word that will defeat me and silence me. It will not.

Why does Obama hate America? – He doesn’t, you just disagree with his view of how this country/world should be like. Poor dumbass white racist just hate to see a black man pointing out the obvious.

This dragon is strong!

This dragon is strong!

Ad hominem, ad absurdum. My argument centered around positions held by the top Republicans as well as President Obama; the attempt to paint me with the association to the right again falls short. It isn’t about left/right anymore than it is black/white.

As always, Calling the POTUS a POS and a fraud seems to the usual calling call for you right-wing racists and bigots like you!

More proof he didn’t read; I never called President Obama any variation of POS nor fraud.

This is what we are against: people who are so blindly following a leader that their arguments make no sense, they can’t recognize dissent against politicians versus racism. When I am speaking against policies that hurt black families and black individuals just as much as their hurt white families and individuals (if not more), and this self-hating fellow accuses me of racism for disagreeing with the “messenger” because they happen to be (half) black? We’ve reached a point where the opinions of a great deal of the population can safely be ignored because they simply don’t have the reading comprehension and attention to hold relevant opinions.

Unfettered immigration of low-wage workers to benefit the rich hurts black workers who would otherwise have either those jobs or higher wages without the unfair competition. The system is rigged and this fool doesn’t even see it.