Make 2016 Great

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Don’t just wish for it

For all the flak Donal Trump gets for his various statements, you can’t deny that his slogan is one that many people can identify with: “Make America Great Again” — and this slogan has no passiveness to it. Under a similar standard we should make 2016 great and not be passive about that and not expect others to hand greatness to us. That’s a long wait for a train that doesn’t come. See ahead for some advice on how to make 2016 great using little to no resources:

Get in better shape by using body-weight exercises. This is free, there is no equipment to buy. Start doing sit ups, squats, push-ups, lunges, and planks. If you can’t do any of them look for an introductory exercise — YouTube is full of videos of people showing you how to do exercises. You can come up with your own program and work at your own pace but do something to improve your body. You don’t need a gym to get started, but if you want to go the premium route you can join a gym — but you have to go to it. Lift heavy things and put them down. No matter how little progress you are making you’re doing better than someone on the couch with some potato chips and a soda.

Eat better. Easy targets: Drink water, reduce the sweetness of your coffee. Swap out expensive junkfood for cheaper healthy food. Protein will fill you up. Spice bland food up with cinnamon, pepper, hot sauce — and swap out salad dressing for a vinaigrette. Drop “low fat” processed foods because they make it “low fat” by upping sugar (or gross sugar substitutes) and salt. Salt is great but when you’re cutting fat and replacing it with salt you’re doing yourself a disservice. Make desserts just that — a special treat. You don’t deserve the treat, you earn the treat.

Fewer ingredients is always better. Unsalted butter is better for you than margarine, especially if you can get grass fed (Kerrygold) or hormone free (Challenge Butter). I’m getting zero kickback for saying that (or any of this), but I only cook with one of those two butters or coconut oil, depending on the dish. Steak in real butter is amazing and you can make dinner for two for far less than going out to eat. Bonus: No worry about what is in your food or who was sick at the restaurant.

Write something, be it a journal or to-do lists, as long as you’re keeping track of what you are doing.

Read everything. Read classics, check out books from the library. Learn, understand. Read stuff you don’t understand now until your mind expands. It works like a muscle and many people have atrophied.

Stop Bad Habits. Turn off the television, turn off the porn, stop wasting your time doing things that aren’t fulfilling. Your seconds on Earth are numbered. Is that commercial-laden show really how you want to spend them? Even if you watch shows and movies (I do), try to avoid wasting time on commercials. Also, cut the cord and cancel cable.

Spend less than you earn. Either earn more or spend less, but you need some savings.

Drink enough water. If your urine is darker than a lemon you need to drink more water.

Sleep enough. If you’re having trouble sleeping, investigate why. You are at your best rested.

Intermittent Fasting cannot be overlooked, especially for men. Exercising in a fasted state can be great for your metabolism.

Have good sex and that doesn’t just mean good for you.

Now, a few ideas that may or may not cost money.

Get your bloodwork done. The cost of this depends on your insurance. You should have your blood tested regularly because if you get out of balance that is one easy place for it to show up. Get your hormone levels tested, blood count, all of it. You never know what is going on that hasn’t manifested yet.

Get your mind right. Fix your mindset, be positive because being negative isn’t doing you any good. If you’re having consistent mood issues seek help. While I cannot stress enough that too often we turn to pills for moods, sometimes there are legitimate chemical issues. Your doctor should want you on as few medicines as possible, however, so look out for that: if his first instinct is to get out the pad and write you up a note for some crazy medicine, then you’re going to want to look elsewhere. But at the same time if you have a legitimate medical issue, even if it is a “mental health” issue, then you need to address it. This is especially damning for men because there are so many men committing suicide in this country likely due to issues that could be handled with an occasional pill — for a short term!

Juice for fruits and vegetables you don’t want to eat enough of. I will never eat celery or a beet. I will eat broccoli. Guess which of these goes into my juice? This is a habit I intend to get back on the daily train soon. Some people juice kale and other leafy greens but I dig leafy greens (lettuce not so much, but spinach and kale? I’ll eat it with raw Apple Cider Vinegar all day.)

Buy a domain name and dedicate it to your voice, be it writing or photography, painting, drawing. Whatever you want to do, having that freedom to put time into your craft is pivotal and being out there and exposed is really good for you. You open yourself up to a whole new way of thinking then.

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